Monday, May 18, 2015

LEABAGS Santa Cruz Unisex Buffalo Leather Travel Weekender Holdall Review

I have always had an affinity to purses and bags and love them not only for their purpose of carrying important cargo, but also for the fashionable aspect.  As some women adore shoes, and have large collections, it is purses that ignite my interest.  I am not one to just display them and never use them.  It is true that I maintain them, store and cover them appropriately, and and do fancy just looking at them sometimes, but I do use them.  I like to change up what bag I am carrying every few days or weeks.

I have 2 small children, a 4 year old and a 1 year old.  We are in the diaper stage with our youngest, potty pants with our oldest (who is potty trained but has the occasional accident) and both children always need snacks, small toys, extra clothing for those unexpected dinner and play messes, and more.  I do not use diaper bags, at least not in the traditional sense.  I personally do not like the way they look.  I prefer finding a nice bag that has excellent organization or using a designer diaper bag that really does not look like a diaper bag.  I like something sturdy, attractive, large, and well designed.

I am always a fan of leather.  It generally needs to be real leather, as I have often seen even the most expensive "faux" leather items to peel, have a chemical smell, or not be very durable.  I was given the opportunity to review a leather weekender from LEABAGS.

LEABAGS are high quality, stunning leather products for men and women.  LEABAGS are lovingly and expertly crafted of 100% leather.  The bag I selected to review is the Santa Cruz Weekender. This  fantastic bag impresses the user with its timeless and classic design, and is made of the finest buffalo leather.  When I saw this bag, I immediately thought about family vacation trips (for flight carry-on use for snacks and necessities), weekend trips to see the Aquarium in the next state over (where we would stay the night) and then more simply, enjoying a long day at the zoo or park.  Traveling with 2 young children, even across town, can be overwhelming at times.  There is a lot of items that are needed for a comfortable and well equipped afternoon.  Trust me, if you have ever been somewhere and forgotten to pack a change of clothing for your baby (or only packed 1 spare and the spare was soiled that same day) it is a difficult situation.

The Santa Cruz weekender is the bag to use when you need to carry all the essentials and more.  It is a durable, high quality buffalo leather and the perfect size for a compact travel bag, carry-on baggage, or diaper bag.  It has numerous pockets on the exterior and interior.  I was able to fit everything i needed, with plenty of room to spare as it is very spacious and well organized.  The olive green inner fabric is slightly padded and provides some protection for bringing along tablets or laptops.

Size (WxHxD): approximately 16x14x10 inch (cabin baggage, carry-on baggage, cabin size)

Interior layout:
- 1 very large main compartment with a zipper
- 1 zip pocket on the inside 
- 2 side pockets on the inside 
- 2 slip compartments within the main compartment, perfect for cell phone and wallet/purse
- 3 large outside pockets with a magnet closure
- 2 large outside pockets with a zipper

I made a video (at the bottom of the post) showcasing this bag packed for an all day trip to the zoo or similar outing.  Please note in the video I was unsure of what the double zipper pocket was until my husband told me that it is for traveling and attaching over the extended handle of a larger rolling luggage piece (I felt silly).  My husband used to travel twice a month for his job and he had a laptop messenger bag that zipped in that same configuration.  It made his flight travel much easier. (please excuse my error in the video, I also was not sure of the carry on dimensions in the video, but this should definitely be carry on approved).

*I was sent the Leabags Santa Cruz Leather Weekender for my thorough review and evaluation.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own and I was not compensated in any way other than the item sent.

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