Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Clean Lean Protein by NuZest (Pea Protein) Review

I am an avid user of protein powders and nutritional shakes. I was recently sent a protein powder from NuZest Clean Lean Protein.  This is a pea based, 100% vegetarian protein that is an alternative to whey.  This is a wonderful product for those who have sensitive tummy and cannot use certain protein powders or who are on strict diets.  It easier to digest, very low in fat and a non-acidic protein. It contains 9 essential amino acids  and 9 of the non-essential aminos.

This Gluten, soy, whey, and dairy-free protein powder is uses golden pea protein as the source and is from Belgum. It is made using the highest standards and testing.  I received several flavors to try (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and coffee).   I love how simple the ingredients are.  I detest artificial sweeteners and do not like Stevia, Truvia or any of those similar types.  So far, the only non sugar I use is either pure raw honey or sometimes crystalized Xylitol.  I noticed that this product uses something I was not familiar with, a sweet tasting plant from West Africa called, "Thaumatin." This sweetener did not have an aftertaste.  The flavors were better than I thought.  I had never tried pea protein before and was unsure of what to expect.  I could definitely taste the pea flavor, which is not terrible as I like peas.  It is just something I would need to get used to.  I only was sent a one serving packet of each flavor, so it was hard to really decide which one was best as I like to play around with my smoothies before deciding how I will enjoy a particular one.  I generally like vanilla as I can add a variety of flavors and fruits to it, or add pure raw cacao powder.  I did try all 3 and think the chocolate or vanilla suited me best.

The strawberry I tried with only milk in my glass shaker.  All other flavors I mixed with milk, ice and cacao powder or green matcha.  I like boosting the nutrition of my smoothies.  These were not the best smoothies I have ever tried (as I need more time to experiment with covering up the pea flavor and as mentioned, 1 packet of each flavor is definitely not enough to determine a favorite, however, I like how nutrient packed these are with no fillers.  I think I was leaning toward the vanilla as my first choice, with chocolate coming in second.

*I was sent 4 individual packs to try from NuZest, all opinions are my own.  You can find these powders on Amazon: NuZest Pea Protein

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