Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Vitamin D Gummy Bears: For Kids & Adults by NutraBear Review

My daughter is 4 1/2 and loves taking her vitamins. At around age 3 we started her out on gummy type vitamins and she has had nothing else since. She takes the Yummy Bears multivitamin, but were recently sent some Vitamin D3 gummy bears from NutraBear.  I was excited for her to try this in addition to her regular ones.  These gummies are enjoyable and nutritious for both kids and adults.  The flavor is pretty great I think, we both love the peach and cherry gummies! (I also think that is a unique combination and brilliant).  All ingredients are 100% vegetarian, there is no gelatin, gluten, or other possible allergens such as soy, etc.)  I love how it is USA made and certified.  She always reminds me that she needs to take her vitamins and she knows exactly how many of her daily multi ones and these D3's.

The only slight negative or improvement to these would be the appearance and texture.  They are very flat and do not resemble gummy bears at all.  The texture is a bit strange.  They taste amazing, just are not the plump, juicy bears that the Yummi brand have (Yummy Bears are natural as well but do have Gelatin).  If you are able to tolerate Gelatin, I am not sure what the issue with gelatin would be other than a possible allergen? The Yummy Bear brand always tastes like a fresh, gummy bear and is soft and plump.

I still think these are great and we really like these a lot despite the flat and drier texture.  I still recommend them.  My daughter takes 1 of these after her lunch, along with her 3 multivitamin Yummy Bears.

These were sent to me for review, this is my honest opinion and evaluation.

These are available on Amazon.

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