Friday, July 10, 2015

Frances Angela Jewelry and Artisan Crafts Bracelet in Spring Bliss Review

Do you have a favorite jewelry item that you wear all the time? Perhaps it is a type of item, such as you always wear cardigan sweaters all year round (me) or love vintage cocktail rings (ok also me), or perhaps you love bracelets (ok, you got me, I love all those).  I am sure you are the same way, there is something that when you wear it, it just makes you feel beautiful, happy, or confident--and if it is extra special, you will feel all those things with a particular item.  For me it is this special jewelry piece.  

I wanted to tell you about a beautiful beaded bracelet I have been wearing all the time the past month since I was introduced to the company.

First off, it is a handmade item, which is extra special because you know that someone has put on each bead and gathered material with diligence and care. They have thought out how the item will look and have imagined how much joy the item will bring to the wearer.

Handmade items are often few and far between nowadays, everything seems mass produced, and more often comes from over seas in some large concrete floor factory. I like knowing that someone perhaps was sitting in their studio, perhaps even late into the night due to dedication and losing track of time because they love what they do, with their bead collection out, and choosing their favorite and most prized beads for my bracelet and envisioning just what would be the perfect strand.

I was sent a gorgeous bracelet made from peach and cream fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals, and a variety of pink and pale green gemstones. The jewelry artist is Frances Angela (Frankie) and she has both an Etsy store and website.  Frankie allowed me to select an item for review and I chose the Spring Bliss bracelet. I love it so much and it can be dressed up or down and is so elegant that I bet Audrey Hepburn would have worn it if she could have.  

This is a three strand bracelet, beaded with 24K gold plated wire, with a variety of gemstones:  peridot, aquamarine, citrine and cat's eyes.  There are pale blush peach and cream freshwater pearls.  This is approximately 7.5 inches and closes with a antique inspired toggle clasp.  This is so pretty and although it has Spring like colors, I will wear this all year as it is the perfect bracelet for me.  

Check out Frances Angela's other items in her shops.  My particular favorites are from her higher end line, "Raisha's Elegance Collection", which is named after her daughter.  I adore the "Lady Dainty" and "Vintage Blush."   She has a variety of styles and I am for certain that there is an item that when you see it, you will be so drawn to it that you know it was meant especially for you.  

Perhaps you are wanting something as a gift for your mother or sister? Perhaps you are a soon to be bride and want to purchase a set of bracelets in your wedding shades for your ladies to wear and then have as thank you gifts? Or you may want a bracelet that has the birthstones of your children.  Whatever the occasion, Frances Angela has the perfect item to make you feel and look your best.

Check out France Angela's collection on Facebook and Instagram.

*I was sent one bracelet for this review, this is my honest opinion.  I was not compensated in any way other than the bracelet for review. * 

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  1. Glad you like it Tavia! This article is so endearing and you described Spring Bliss impeccably! Hope to see you and your followers in the site. c",)m