Thursday, July 9, 2015

Set of 3 Pacifier Clips by Savvy Baby Review

I was recently sent a 3 pack of pacifier / toy leashes / tethers from Savvy Baby. We do not use pacifiers here in our household, but toys and chewy items, yeah we've got them! Our 14 month old recently has decided that dropping his sippy cup and teething toys is fun. Mommy does not enjoy this game very much as it can be a hassle when we are at a restaurant or public place and an item is thrown on the filthy floor. We have been enjoying our toy leashes and love the classy and colorful patterns. They can be clipped on his stroller, clothing, car seat strap or high chair. These are perfect for clipping to his Ergo carrier as well. These are so multifunctional and cute. They are made with nickel-free clips and high quality cotton.

I recommend you check these out on Amazon if you are looking for some cute and durable clips!

As mentioned above, these were sent to me for review, however as always, I strive to be as accurate in my descriptions and am always honest in how I feel about a product.

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