Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Brush-On Liquid Mineral Makeup by Faces Beautiful Review

I try to use natural and mineral based makeup when at all possible. I was recently sent a brush-on liquid mineral makeup foundation from FACES Beautiful.  It is a lightweight foundation that has medium to full coverage. There is a "brush-on" applicator that makes it easy to apply and ensures that you're spreading the liquid foundation properly.  Although it is designed to be used with the brush directly applied to the face, I still find that also using beauty blender sponge sometimes works the best for me personally.  I applied this to my face with the brush, and then blended the foundation out with my slightly damp sponge.  I left some at my jaw before blending further to try to show how it seemed the color was a little on the yellow side for my skin.  I am not sure the camera picked it up as well as I hoped.

FACES Beautiful mineral makeup is said to improve the texture of your skin and gives you a more flawless finish.  I selected the Healthy Nude as sometimes my face is on the pink, cool toned side.  I took the description to mean that the Healthy Nude was for pink toned skin, instead of red or ruddy (which I think is what this shade was actually intended for).  Now that I understand how this makeup is designed, I would have selected Radiant Beige.  :) I generally choose "Fair", "Light", "Ivory" foundations and I think though that the Radiant Beige would have been better for me as the Healthy Nude was too yellow based.  You can see on the side profile view that it was not blended as well near my jaw and looked a little yellow.  I do not point fault at the makeup, as I think it my own error in choosing the correct color.  I did have a hard time deciding the correct color to choose when I was making my selection.  I would have preferred the website to have perhaps different models in each skin tone range (3 ladies wearing each shade: for a total of 9 ladies) to give me a better idea.  For example, having 3 ladies of similar skintone, that can each wear Healthy Nude, and 3 that fall into the Radiant Beige, and then lastly 3 ladies that would fall into the Sun Glow color.

I did not find myself reaching for this makeup much in the last few weeks due to the color I selected.  I do know now that if I had selected the Radiant Beige, I would have had success with this product as I liked the overall features of it.  It was extremely mess free and easy to use.

Remove cap. Turn arrow to the "On" position, squeeze makeup until it rises to the brush, apply to face in desired areas. To close / lock, turn arrow back to "Off" position.

To apply: Start at the center of your face, spread a bit at your nose, your bridge and across your cheeks. Continue using the brush to blend in outward strokes over your face.  One squeeze will be ample for regular to light coverage. You may want to apply more if you need to cover blemishes or dark spots.  When I applied this product, I applied it in those areas with a generous dot and then used my damp blender sponge.  A setting powder is not necessary.

I do like how the makeup can easily be taken along in a travel cosmetic bag and that it has a locking feature to prevent leaking.  The brush was comfortable to use and did not irritate my face.  I found that the makeup lasted during the day.

For more information, you can visit their website or their Facebook page.

I do recommend this makeup, however I suggest that you are sure of what color you will need.  *Please note that I am wearing blush and some highlighter in the pictures so that is adding pink coloring to my skin. :)  The last picture (green shirt) is my skin with only blush and BB cream, no foundation.

*I was sent one FACES Beautiful foundation for purposes of this review, all opinions are my own.

Please note that this picture is of me wearing only some blush and BB cream on my skin.  I wanted to try to show my natural skin tone which is rather pale.

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