Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tie Bar 4 Pack with Varying Styles by Cornucopia Brands Review

Are you a Dapper Gentleman? Do you know one? What does your tie collection look like? If you are anything like my husband, you have a tie collection that outnumbers my bag collection (which is hard to do) :) My husband loves ties and recently is obsessed with bow ties (he will not wear or own a pre-tied one, which is nice as those do not look as great). His bow tying is a serious art. But back to ties. He has at least 50, I should really count then. They are all rolled neatly and are matched / color coordinated in drawers. He will not let anyone put them away but him (hey I get it, I am the say way with my bags--all lined up o the shelf and covered with a cotton dust bag when not carried).

With all those ties he definitely needs tie clips and he is starting a pretty impressive collection of those as well. He is even more obsessed with wearing and collecting vintage cufflinks. Recently I was sent a 4 pack of budgetary priced, yet attractive tie clips / bars for review. The tie clips are from bulk sets and randomly sent from the company. Each tie bar bar includes button loop and chain. These tie bars are vintage inspired, and mimic those extremely popular during the 1950's and 60's. Think Mad Men styling.

My husband likes these tie bars. He actually has quite the collection of tie bars and cufflinks. These are a nice weight and the price listed is very reasonable. Our only critique is that these that were supplied to use are a little too similar to each other. We would have liked there to be more variety. These are classic in appearance, attractive, and will go with a variety of tie styles. My husband likes to wear a tie bar to add some interesting detail as well as hold his tie in place. These function as they should and we both like them.

The only improvement we might like to see is for the teeth to have a small, undetectable when worn, silicone or rubber guard to protect from accidental snagging of the tie.  We have yet to see any issues, but it might be helpful.

*I was sent this set of 4 from Cornucopia Brands as a review sample for my honest evaluation.  You can find these on Amazon.

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