Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Heart To Heart Ruffle Tutu Review

My daughter is 4 1/2 and loves to dress up.  She especially loves tutus and sparkly items. I was recently sent a beautiful dress from Heart To Heart and ButterflyCraze. It is gold sequined on top and has a peach tutu skirt. She and I like it a lot. The skirt has tiny gold sparkles which she of course adores, however I am not as fond of as the sparkles have been falling off ever since the dress arrived a month ago. Sadly within 5 minutes of opening the package, at least 50 tiny gold glitter sparkles were on the kitchen floor---before she even put the dress on. I immediately went outside and shook it for at least 10 minutes and what seemed like hundreds of glitter pieces fell off into the grass. Our bright green country grass now had some city flair to it. :) After shaking it a few times before she wears it, it now seems to have stopped shedding the glitter each time it is handled. It still has a few fall off each time it is worn, but 5 sparkles is much easier to contain than 50 (which is seriously about how many would come off each time).

The dress is very pretty and would make any little girl super happy. She could be a princess, a fairy, or wear this to a dance performance. The ruffle sleeves are very sweet and simple. There is a zipper back closure. The inside is a smooth polyester material. My daughter did complain a few times about being itchy.

*As mentioned above, this dress was sent to me for my honest evaluation.

This dress is available on Amazon.

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