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100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil by La Lune Naturals Review (my homemade deodorant batch)

I ran out of my LaVanila deodorant recently and as you probably know, I go back and forth between mixing up my own batches of natural deodorant and store bought natural. I have tried an incredible amount of natural deodorants in the past 2 1/2 years and have a few favorites. I have had my share of detoxing periods and irritated under arms. I have come to the realization that baking soda and my skin just cannot be friends. They are constantly at war and I am tired of the redness, darkening, and itchy spots. Most natural deodorants have baking soda and most people tolerate it well. It is a fantastic cleanser when use in various home and laundry cleaning, and deodorizes underarms well, but I cannot use it. I have found that increasing my arrowroot powder, along with the addition of kaolin clay, I can have the same results.

I often change my formulations, but here is one recipe I use: (please note, this is NOT antiperspirant as it does not clog up or block pores. You are supposed to naturally perspire and detox some, but you will not stink (please read up on natural detox periods for switching to natural deodorant). Please note that this is what works for me, and it may or may not work for you. If you are truly wanting to make the switch to natural products, and this does not work for you, play around with the ingredients and measurements. Sometimes the hot weather causes the mixture to be too soupy (melted) and I need to add more dry ingredients.

This is my Baking Soda Free version and my pits are happier and still smell fresh. I make a very small bowl of this then put it in a 2 oz dark amber jar (or 2 jars depending on how much I make) (dark jar so light does not easily pass through).  I like to keep the deodorant as fresh as possible and often change up my formulations.

2-4 tablespoons coconut oil, (I used La Lune Naturals Fractionated Liquid Coconut oil for this particular batch but I have used solid form of pure, organic, unrefined in the past) Coconut oil is antibacterial and helps with preventing odor, it also is fantastic for skin.  I like using fractionated as it is easy to blend and stays fresh.  Often I keep a bottle in the shower to use immediately after shaving my under arms.  It leaves my skin smooth with no greasy feeling and it prevents bacteria growth.  My bottle is a but worse for wear as you can see I definitely have splashed water on the label a few times. :)

I often add a tablespoon of coco butter or shea butter to my deodorant, I do like to use unrefined of both as the fragrance is really nice (sweeter and nutty).

2-4 tablespoons arrowroot powder and 2-4 tablespoons of Kaolin clay (corn starch is also an option instead of arrow root, but I prefer arrow root) Play around with the measurements t get the consistency you like.

15+ drops combination of essential oils (I often use various combinations of tea tree, lavender, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, lemon, geranium, and lime) You can add what you feel you need and what you have on hand.  For this batch I used about 4 drops of Lime, 8 drops of Manuka, 4 drops of Tea Tree, 4 drops of Lavender, 2 drops of Vanilla, and 8 drops of Geranium Essential Oils.  I used a lot of essential oils since I am not using baking soda and wanted to have some powerful odor protection.  Your skin may not like this amount, so as I said, play around with the formulations, add a little at a time and you can always increase ingredients.

Combine the butters, coconut oil, and arrowroot in a glass jar (preferably a dark amber one to keep out excess light).

Add in essential oils and stir with a wooden popsicle stick or plastic spoon. You do not need more than about a dime to nickle size amount for under each arm. I put my cream deodorant on immediately after getting out of the shower, put on my towel, apply my face serums and make up, then put my shirt on last so as to allow for the cream to soak in and not get on my clothing. You may have irritation if applied to freshly shaven underarms.

The essential oils I use have antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory properties and also smell wonderful. They are fantastic at odor neutralization and have the other benefits as well. Geranium is great for boosting mood, reducing fatigue, calming anxiety, and helping with depression, it is a newer oil for me and I am so happy to have been introduced to it.

The coconut oil by La Lune Naturals is a great oil and I think it compares to other nice brands.  I do like the dark bottle.  Sort far it is the only dark amber bottle of fractionated coconut I have tried, and that sets it apart for me.  I always applaud companies that house their products in a dark cobalt blue or amber container.  I have tried 4 other brands and although it is sad that fractionated coconut will not expire or go rancid, having it in a dark container eases my mind about keeping it fresh.

I always love using coconut oil, whether in its liquid form or solid.  The liquid form is nice because I can easily use it in my homemade wipes solution for baby.  I do not have to worry about it solidifying and clumping.  Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer, softener and non-irritant lubricator.  That is why i love it for baby's bottom and the wipes.  I make a solution and keep it in a wipes warmer.  I usually mix water, coconut oil, lavender, tea tree, manuka, jojoba oil, rose water, and organ oil for a luxurious  and healing baby wipe solution.

*I was sent this bottle of coconut oil from La Lune Naturals, and this is my honest opinion.*

We like the product and feel it is of great quality.  This comes with a pump top included, however it is easier for me to just use the flip top lid.  I am afraid I would be in a hurry one morning and squirt this oil across the room! :)

You can visit them on Facebook for tips and learn about their other fine products.

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