Friday, September 2, 2016

Dahlia Feminine Cloth Pads in Afternoon Tea Floral by Buttons Diapers (Review)

I like being "Green" and using more natural products when I can. I like reusing products as it saves money, and is better for the environment. I cloth diaper my children because it is also healthier for their skin/body, cost effective, and adorable! :) I like using cloth menstrual pads for the same reasons (well as for adorable, the pads themselves are cute and fun).  Disposable pads and tampons have many chemicals and fragrances, and the sticky tape is not comfortable.  I often find that if I am in a hurry, I get the sticky wing stuck to the wrapper or to the pad itself.  Often disposable pads shift ad are itchy and uncomfortable.  

I was recently sent a set of 3 cloth menstrual pads from Buttons Diapers. I have reviewed their products in the past, and they now have a line of cloth pads for mommy. I was excited to try these and give you my opinion. I was sent the lovely Afternoon Tea print, which matches my wet bag that I reviewed previously.

Dahlia Cloth is made with the same quality fabrics that Button's Diapers uses for their products.  The pads are beautiful and I love the Afternoon Tea print.  The pads come in a pack of 3 of the same size, and are made with a layer of moisture-wicking, stain-resistant white microfleece on top, with microfiber layers hidden inside for absorbency.  The backing is a waterproof polyester (PUL) which prevents leakage.  I do think they should have made these in a set of 5 or 6 as the average flow seems to be this length instead of only 3 days.  I do like how the packs are all in one size.  Small (light/panty liner), Medium (regular/day), and Large (overnight/postpartum) are available.  Often times when you purchase a set of cloth pads (at least through an etsy seller or similar) they have the light, medium and heavy all in one package and it may not be as useful if a person only has moderate to heavy flow or is only looking for a set of light flow pads.  This makes it easy for the user to only buy the size that works best for them.  

To use Dahlia pads: snap them around your underwear with the pul facing down.  It is that easy.  Change pad every 2-6 hours.  Wash before first use.  To wash your Dahlia pads: Rinse prior to washing in a sink or washer.  Wash on warm, and machine dry low, or hang to dry.  I like to wash mine with our cloth diapers sometimes.  I have not had any issues with the warm to hot cycle in the washing machine.  I generally remove these before putting the cloth diapers in the dryer, as I do not like to machine dry my pul.  I did machine dry these 2 different times as I wanted to see how they held up.  Tip: Use a small wet bag or a pail for storage of soiled pads.  I have a hanging wet bag in my laundry room.  

I selected the 13.5 inch overnight pads.  The ends of my Dahlia pads had different widths for the top and bottom ends.  Choose the width end you prefer for placement in your undies.  One measured about 3 1/2 inches, while the other end measured 4 inches.  This was the pul and not the fleece part.  The fleece was the same (approx.) 3 1/2 width throughout the pad.   The wings span was approximately 7 1/2 across when unsnapped and just under 3 1/2 inches when snapped.  I generally like a 2.75 to 3 inch snapped width.  I think the addition of a snap would make these suit more users.  Many cloth pad makers put 2 different snap widths.  

The topping of this pad was micro fleece which does well with preventing stains and keeping the user dry.  I personally prefer a cotton or bamboo topped pad as I prefer natural fabrics.  Cotton does seem to stain easier.  I also prefer cotton fleece or bamboo fleece for my inner core as opposed to microfiber terry which is synthetic.  Again, this is my personal preference and most pad makers seem to use microfiber as it is absorbent, but cotton fleece is pretty absorbent as well.  This pad uses pul which makes it water proof.  I have used wool backed pads and cotton fleece backed pads in the past which are somewhat water resistant when the core is absorbent.  Wool is ultra breathable and holds an amazing percentage of its weight in liquid (up to 30%).  

Despite my preference for a natural fabric pad, this is well made and looks nice.  I would have preferred the topper to be the full span of the pad for more coverage.  I also would have preferred there to be an additional snap as I prefer a tighter fit to my undies.  I like how these can snap and fold to keep messes at a minimum.

The Dahlia pads washed up well and as seen in the pictures, look great even after multiple washings.  The pul looks just as bright and new as it did out of the package.  The stitching is precise and lovely.  I recommend this pad if you are wanting to try cloth menstrual pads.  

These pictures below are of the pad after several uses and machine washings.  I dried them by machine on low to medium heat twice.  I did not have any issues.

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