Thursday, September 15, 2016

Home Odor Remover Bag by Moody Zook (Review)

Do you have a stinky home? Pets? An older home? Musty suitcase or damp smelling basement? Do you cloth diaper / have a diaper pail? Kitchen or bathroom odor? Whatever makes your home not smell its best, you need to try charcoal. I do not like the typical aerosol chemical based home fragrance sprays. They are strongly scented (and rarely smell nice) and full of chemicals. I like using charcoal to freshen naturally and absorb offending odors. 

Moody Zook sent me a 200g bag of Activated Charcoal. This is food-grade activated charcoal that comes from coconut shells.  It does not add fragrance to the room, but can help make your home smell fresh and clean! I do like to use candles (generally soy or beeswax) with a baked goods scent occasionally, but I also like to have charcoal bags in every room to freshen things a bit. I especially like using charcoal near our diaper pal, baby changing area, in the bathroom, laundry room, and in the kitchen. Our home is almost 100 years old and has a bit of "old home smell."

I would not say that using charcoal bags completely eliminates odor in our home, but I think it definitely helps. I also like having charcoal bags for the purpose of absorbing odors in vintage items or items I purchase second hand. I had a Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake bag that I purchased off eBay (but was listed as new without tags) and it had a strange odor. As funny and weird as it may sound, it smelled like a mixture of Mrs Dash seasoning (or something similar) or a dry soup mix. These Cake bags are a tapestry cut velvet / carpet bag with tweed and so they can absorb odors. I find that you can put items such as this in a plastic bag, drop in the charcoal bag, and keep things sealed for a week or so. I did not use this particular brand of charcoal for the Cake bag, but this one would have come in handy as it is larger than my other charcoal bags. These are very handy to have and so easy to use. These can be hidden in various corners of your home as well as in your car. If you have a child or teen in school that has a locker, this would work well if they store their gym shoes or sports uniform.

You can set it outside in the sun for a few hours to reactivate the charcoal.  I have not tried this yet as I have only used this for one month.  

I love using charcoal in other forms as well.  I have charcoal powder (not from this company) that I make face mud masks out of for my face and body (draws out toxins and helps with blackheads) and also tooth powder (whitens teeth and freshens my mouth).  

Activated Charcoal Benefits:
  • Natural air purifier and deodorizer
  • Place in the fridge to prevent mold and odors
  • Makes food last longer and stay fresh
  • Natural Dehumidifier
  • Prevents bacterial buildup
  • Stops airborne impurities
  • Place in shoes to prevent smells and reduce the risk of foot fungus
  • All-Natural, Chemical-Free
  • Treats burns and bug bites
  • Detoxifies skin
  • Used with a toothbrush for natural teeth whitening
I was sent one bag from Moody Zook, complimentary for evaluation. This bag works the same as others I have tried, however is larger. It has one reinforced hole to allow for attaching to a rope. I would have preferred this to have 2 holes to allow the bag to hang evenly. You can find this product on Amazon.

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