Monday, September 26, 2016

Pure Artisan Shea Butter All Natural Soap Bar Dazzle Beauty (Review)

I love using natural soap and will not wash with anything that contains sulfates or chemicals. I like pure, natural ingredients, such as essential oils, carrier oils, botanical ingredients, etc. When I want a simple soap, I generally like a nice old fashion style, that contains sodium hydroxide (lye). Lye sounds scary, but today's methods of making soap are safer and if you know what you are doing (Oh I wish I knew how to make soap!), all the caustic scary stuff is made skin safe and extremely gentle. I have used Grandma's Old Fashioned lye soap for a few years and like it a lot. It is a simple soap but gentle and versatile. It works well for face and for baby.

Lard (food grade), Water (aqua), & Sodium Hydroxide (lye)

I recently was sent a similar soap that I feel is better than Grandmas. The soap that I have been using (sent for evaluation) is a shea butter coconut oil base instead of lard. I find those ingredients more luxurious and skin softening. Dazzle Beauty makes the soap and has also added rice bran oil and castor oil. This is a "Pure Artisan" Shea Butter hypoallergenic soap. It is gentle and effective for for daily use and heals many skin issues. I have used it on my face, body, for shaving (with my vintage safety razor and badger hair brush), for bathing my children (including the 4 month old baby) and lastly I have used it as a mild stain removing bar for washing my 100% wool (cashmere and merino) wool diaper covers.

I really like this soap, it is unscented and made of 100% Pure vegetable ingredients. It is hypoallergenic with no additives or dyes. There is nothing in the soap that should cause any irritation.  It is is hand cut with ridged edges that soften after a couple uses with water.

Pure water, rice bran oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, shea butter

You can learn more about the company and their soaps by visiting their website and Facebook page.  

For a limited time, they have a 20% off sale off their soaps.  If you will be buying a bulk amount of soaps (gift baskets, holidays, or just to stock up) there are some significant discounts to be awarded!

Quantity Discounts:

0 - 5 soaps: listed price
6 -11 soaps: $0.05 off listed price per soap
12+ soaps: $0.10 off listed price per soap

The website also has other ways to save.  Check out the Dazzle Rewards.  You earn a point for every dollar you spend.

*Please note that I am not selling the soap and am in no way connected to the company, nor do I receive any benefit if you purchase anything from them.*

The full sized bars are approximately 3.75-4 oz.  I suggest using a soap dish that allows the soap to drain excess water.  I have been using this soap daily for various uses and still have some remaining.  The company has some exciting new soaps now in their shop that will suit a variety of needs.

*I received soap samples for this review. I was not compensated other than a full sized bar and 2 small ones.  

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I was sent 2 small travel/sample soaps as well as a full sized bar.

As mentioned above, this soap is very gentle, yet effective for cleaning and softening skin.  The soap was great for grating a few slivers to dissolve into water to make my lanolin milky mixture to lanolinize (and lightly clean) my wool diaper covers and long diaper pants.

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