Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ohuhu 43" Foldable Stainless Steel Drying Rack Review

As most of you know we cloth diaper our new baby and our 2 year old.  Our 5 year old daughter was in cloth when she was diapered as well.  We have come a long way since she was in diapers.  Many might say we back-peddled a bit as we started out with one of the top of the line, pricy, $18 each cloth diaper, Bum Genius.  And while that is a fantastic diaper and suited us well, I was not a fan of the microfiber inserts or the stuffing of the inserts into the pocket of the diapers.   We had close to 30 pocket diapers and when washing every other day, it is very time consuming.  I realize I can still put 100% cotton inserts or prefolds in our pocket diapers, but there still is the fact that I would have to stuff them and the fact that they did still have the microsuede liner (not a natural fiber) and the diapers just were not as fresh as they could have been.

On this newest little one, I completely switched things to old fashioned type cloth.  We use cotton prefolds, diaper pins (yes, actual vintage pins as they are nicer than the cheapy pins you find for cloth diapers these days) and cotton fitted diapers.  We use Clotheez / workhorse/ Green Mountain Diapers and could not be more pleased with the results.  The diapers clean incredibly well and are super soft and breathable.  I like the organic, unbleached cotton the best.

The fitted "workhorse" diapers have elastic in the legs and so I do like to dry them outside when possible to save the overall life of the diaper.  Sunny days are best as they allow for the best brightening and stain lifting power, however you can (and I have) "sunned" diapers in the rain on an overcast day.  It is the UV rays that lighten the stains.  After the diapers are about 80% dry and thoroughly sunned, I like putting them in our dryer on low to medium heat to fluff them and make them buttery soft with our wool dryer balls.

I was sent a stainless steel drying rack (Ohuhu brand) which is perfect for my diaper drying.  It also works well for delicates and clothing that needs some extra stain lifting power.  I have a few of my daughter's dresses that I like to air dry.  This particular dress was worn once in Kindergarten this year and she came home with black dry erase marker right in the front near the neck.  (really? why on earth do teacher's allow 5 year olds to use Expo markers?  I have worked on this dress for several days and it is still showing a faint black (now grey) stain).  We do not use bleach and only use oxygen powder bleach every few months.  (not on the diapers, but every few months on white clothing).  I am using the sun and some lemon, washing soda and baking soda to lighten the stain.

I have another drying rack (which is also by the same company, Ohuhu), but it has several areas that are plastic and this metal one is much more sturdy and will last longer.  

It is made of a rustproof stainless steel frame with steel joints. I appreciate this since I move this in and out of the house several times per week.  This construction allows for use indoors and outdoors, and I can feel at ease if this happens to get caught in the rain a time or two.  I store this in my bathroom next to the sink and wall.  (small awkwardly laid out home with little to no storage options).  This has a foldable design, (folds flat to 5 inches) which is convenient for portability and storage in tight spaces (I really did not think this would fit in my tiny half bathroom). You can adjust it to hang various garments on it as well.

The rack has plastic leg caps, which protect your floors from marks.   These are the only plastic parts of the rack.  I think the rack will last a long time and I can honestly say I recommend it.  I do want to mention that it runs about $70.  I do think it is worth the cost as it can save you on drying if you usually go to a laundry mat or are trying to conserve energy in your home or make your special items last longer.

Product Specifications (according to manufacturer):

Seller Warranty

-12-Month Replacement Warranty
-30-Day Money Back Guarantee
-Lifetime Support Guarantee

This rack was sent to me at no cost for evaluation.  I have used it several times per week for a month. Great item.

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