Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lavender Essential Oil (New York Biology) Review and How to make a simple toilet bowl cleaner (fizzy tablets)

I like coming up with ways our family can use essential oils. This past week I was in a bathroom cleaning mood. When the mood strikes to clean, you better do it, as the desire / energy or opportunity may pass too quickly (with 3 little ones: 5 yrs, 2 years, and 4 months, I am a busy mommy and things sometimes get put to the side for later). I decided to use some items already in my home, along with a lavender essential oil from New York Biology. 

New York Biology sent me 2 oils for review (tea tree was the other one). Since I do not use traditional cleaning products, I like making my own or purchasing greener and more natural options. I decided to make some toilet cleaning drops. I have a Fuller toilet brush and it is amazing. Pricy, for a toilet brush, but amazing. I mixed baking soda, Lemishine (dishwasher powder---but really it is citric acid and some fruit extracts---use regular citric acid if you can acquire some as it is more straightforward than Lemishine and cheaper) The bottle says it has those 2 ingredients but I am not 100% sure that there are no additional or filler ingredients. After combining the baking soda and citric acid, I added some essential oils of lavender and tea tree. You could also use peppermint and or lemon (like I did later in the week), or a combination of whatever you like. I have a generous supply of various oils as I use them for everything from homemade cream / stick deodorant, kitchen and surface cleaner spray, baby wipe solution, and so much more. 

I mixed the simple ingredients and put them in silicone cupcake molds for about 2 hours. These tablets hardened quickly and were easily removed from the molds. To clean your toilet, drop one tablet into the bowl and watch it fizz! I then use my toilet brush to agitate the sides and inner area of the bowl. The essential oils disinfect and clean with a fresh fragrance.  The baking soda and citric acid also assist with removing grime and odors.

I have used the lavender essential oil (New York Biology) for a month. I currently am using it in our homemade cloth diaper wipe solution as well with water, castile soap, and various carrier oils (argan, jojoba, etc.. I find that it smells as great as my other brands of lavender oils. I am not able to test authenticity or purity of this particular oil (or others) but I find that it seems pure and of nice quality. I had no issues with it when using it and recommend it if you are looking for lavender essential oil.  Please remember to use a carrier oil when using on skin.  

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