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Treasure Trax The All-In-One Scavenger Hunt Game: Reviewed

My little girl is going to be 3 1/2 in August. It is truly hard to fathom. She is improving in her language skills and knows her colors, her ABC'S and can count to 14. I realize there are many other children her age that maybe can count higher and can speak in clearer sentences, but she has made so much progress from where she was 6 months ago. We were worried about her speak progression last summer as she was not saying as many words and sometimes would make up her own little language for things. We of course knew what she was saying, but we worried once she was around others, such as family members or her Sunday school class, she would be having some difficulty. She has never had a baby sitter or been in any day care or preschool so her social skills could have been what was causing her some difficulty. We were able to get assistance from a speech therapist for about 3 months, coming twice a week for 45 minutes at a time. In all honesty, I am not sure how much it really helped as most of the time was spent playing, blowing bubbles, and going over ABC'S. Our daughter loved playing with her speech therapist and the few moments of learning were great, but I had liked for our daughter to have had perhaps 1 and half hours 3 days a week for it really to work best. The 45 minute time period mainly was 30 minutes of playing and distraction (my little one was 2 1/2 then and loved bouncing, jumping, twirling, showing her toys, and doing things OTHER than learning her short lessons. Our pediatrician had told us not to worry, than soon she would be talking non stop and he was completely right! She loves to sing in the car, talk to her babies, talk to us, and still is twirling, bouncing and jumping. I think that she is learning best from us talking to her and making her use words to describe out she is feeling or what she wants and not giving it to her until she says it. (She used to point and whine---wanting her sippy cup, but now will tell us she wants a drink of milk or water.)

We had not really used traditional flash cards until we found some that actually were meant as a game. This is great as she is learning and playing a fun activity. We had the opportunity to test out a new game called "Treasure Trax" it is a scavenger hunt game for preschoolers, ages 3-5 years of age. We have found so many uses for this clever and fun game.

These are sturdy cardboard squares that have either an animal, alphabet letter, color, or an object in the home such as a chair or table. I love how colorful these are and my daughter loves the animals on them.

Here is how to play: set up the game in advance for your little one.

Select a card to hide, perhaps hide it on the kitchen table. The card on the table shows a bed. Little one runs to her bedroom, and on her bed is a picture of a lamp, so she runs to the lamp in her room and next to the lamp is a couch, and so she runs into the living room and sees that the couch has a card and the card is a telephone. She then runs to where we keep the cell phone (we do not use landlines--but luckily she knows what a regular phone looks like). The game can last 5 minutes, 10 minutes or until all the cards are used up and found.

My 3 year old loves this game. She gets so excited finding new clues and going to the next area. When the game is over, you can put the purple storage bag at the end and either hide a small prize such as a few stickers or gold fish crackers or in my little ones case, her 3 sweet gummy bear daily vitamins (in a little plastic baggy)that she loves. (These gummy vitamins are a close tie in affinity to her Whole Foods brand cheddar ducks that are similar to Goldfish crackers.)

These cards are great for her developing language and learning. We like to use them as a flash card game. We hold up a card (of an animal, object, color, or alphabet letter) and she tells us what it is. She does not yet know what letters go with the corresponding object such as D for Desk or L for Lamp, but when she does, this will be excellent for that. I really like how it is easy to travel with. This is something she can play with in a hotel room or even

This is also a great matching game for matching animals to their color. She can match a Kangaroo to the Brown color, etc. We have gotten so much use out of these cards. She carries the purple bag of cards around from room to room almost daily. Sometimes she just takes them out and sorts them or lays them out on the floor.

The suggested retail value on the website is $19.95 and Treasure Trax comes with 60 Adventure Cards: 30 Location Cards, 18 Clue Cards, and 12 Jungle Animal Cards. It also comes with a purple "Personal Explorer Scavenger Bag" that closes with a small spot of velco material to seal the prize inside. The bag does not close when cards are inside. We would have preferred the cards came in a drawstring type bag so that these could be kept safer from becoming lost or damaged.

This game is made by USAopoly, the same company that makes Monopoly, Scrabble, Candy Land, Risk, Operation, the Game of Life and more!

For more infomation check out their website Treasure Trax and USAopoly This game is also available on Amazon: Treasure Trax Scavenger Hunt Game

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