Friday, July 11, 2014

Dr Kay’s Cotton Spandex 24/7 Arthritis Gloves: Reviewed

My wrists often get achy and tired, I have often self diagnosed myself with carpal tunnel due to my extreme and extensive computer habits. I realize I should have better posture and use my wrist guard when using the keys on the laptop, however I don't. I am even worse on my wrists and body when I use the laptop in bed or on the couch and have even less support.

I had tried muscle creams and over the counter medicine, however, when typing the creams felt too greasy and the pills, just weren't desirable for me to keep taking. I did not want to wear a polyester wrist wrap with scratchy velcro tape and so I figured I would just deal with the discomfort. When I found out about the opportunity to test out some cotton spandex compression gloves I jumped at the chance. I have always been a proponent of natural fibers and always choose cotton over synthetics whenever possible. The gloves are a lightweight, dark grey heathered knit, in breathable 95% Cotton/5% Spandex, and super sleek. They are not bulky and do not make me feel hot or itchy. The finger tips are cut out so as to allow you to do a variety of activities such as use a touchscreen on your phone or tablet, use a mouse on a laptop, sew, button your shirt, paint your finger nails, etc. This set would possibly be great for driving in, as they are not too thick. I like how they keep your hands warm naturally by trapping in body heat (great for using in an old drafty house like mine in the winter) but do not make me sweat or get too warm.

I use these mainly for typing away endless hours at night when I write my blogs and send emails. I have used these while sleeping and they are equally comfortable and do not distract me. They fit comfortably snug on me, I would not want them loose. They are easy to put on and take off. I am not sure how well they would fit a man with very large, wide hands, but they fit both my husband and I nicely. The snug fit provides gentle and comfortable compression, which helps relieve pain and swelling. The gloves can be used for those with poor circulation and neuropathy. The small percentage of spandex prevents them from stretching out of shape or shrinking. I always try to get my cotton clothing with a small percentage of spandex as it is more forgiving and keeps the clothing in shape, and looking nicer on the body. When I was pregnant, long cotton knit spandex mix shirts were my friend. To clean these gloves, wash in cold water by hand and line dry. I would suggest putting them in a delicates or bra zippered bag if washed in the washing machine, and then use the delicates, gentle, cold cycle.

I like how they are a dark color and wont show dirt or smudges. The seams are tight and well stitched. The edges of the fingerless glove part are finished well and I do not foresee them coming undone. These seem like they will last with normal use. I think it would help a lot of people who suffer from mild to moderate cramping in their hands and wrists.

To purchase your own, these can be found on Amazon: Dr. Kay's Arthritis Compression Gloves

I am not a hand specialist and do not claim that these will be the only or best solution to your arthritis or pain management. If you have extreme pain or discomfort, these gloves may not help you. You will need to see a hand specialist or your doctor. These work for me, but they may not work for everyone.

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