Monday, July 14, 2014

Kuisiware Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves: Reviewed

If only. If only I had not been in such a hurry to cook fish tacos that day. I was hungry. We had just bought some high quality pre-battered fish fillets (read: easy quick meal for me to fix for myself and my 3 year old and I would not have to leave my 3 month old in his swing very long) from our local grocery and some fluffy naan bread from Our favorite Indian grocery, and I was in the mood for some tacos. Husband was away, and he usually is the oven guy who takes things out when the oven food dishes are either too heavy or too hot and bubbling for me to take out on my own. I decided to turn on the oven to 450, and was about to put the pan of frozen fish inside the oven to cook for the required 20 minutes on each side. YOWZERS!!!! After only 3 minutes of the oven heating up, the top of my right pointer finger grazed the top inside of the oven. EXTREME PAIN!

I immediately ran the injured finger under VERY cold sink water and prayed that nothing would bubble up into a blister. I remembered the remedy of breaking open an egg and coating the burn with egg white goo and letting it dry to form a clear protective healing skin. AAAHH that's better. Well, it was better for 15 minutes only, and then it began to crazy hurt again. I put on a mixture of antibacterial ointment, tea tree oil, lavender oil, and pure aloe vera gel. My fish was ready to flip and I carefully flipped it (still VERY HUNGRY but my finger was making me wish I just made cereal) and waited for the fish to be done. When it was done, I made some really tasty fish tacos with salsa on warm naan bread.

If only. If Only....I had the oven gloves from Kuisiware. I ironically was able to do a review on some heat resistant oven gloves from this company about 2 days after burning my finger. I had always been one to use pot holders or my giant pink oven mits. This fish incident, I was using pot holders and grazed my finger putting the frozen tray of fish inside the oven. I had no clue it would be so insanely hot after 2 or 3 minutes of heating up.

These gloves were tested immediately when they arrived. We were cooking baked chicken and my husband got to try these out. They are nice gloves. The inside is made of a knitted thick cotton material. These are "Created from Meta-Aramid and Para-Aramid fibers." I am not sure what those materials are, but they work well with these gloves. These protect your hands from fire and extreme heat while cooking and grilling. They are designed to protect from fire and extreme heat up to 662F. I noticed that it does warn that these cannot be used while wet. So if you are outside grilling and they get wet from water somehow, they are not going to protect you. It also mentions that these are only heat resistant to 662 F for a couple seconds at a time. These have a reddish silicone material on them that provide excellent grip and improved dexterity. It says that these can be machine washed. I have not needed to wash them yet, but I am sure someone who grills a lot and uses them with sauces and messier foods, will need to clean these more regularly.

My only complaint is that these are not made in the USA. I really wish they were as we try to buy USA made when possible. They are made well, and are comfortable to wear. They have a nice sturdy cotton loop on each one so you can hang them on a hook on the wall. I like the lime colored stripe at the bottom as it gives a pop of color! They fit my hands as well as my husbands hands. They are very useful in any household. I can see these being used every time we use the oven now.

The company has a fantastic 30 days money-back guarantee, and a Life-Time Warranty that fully protects your purchase, they mention even returning them after a year of use if the glove has a problem. Find these gloves on Amazon: Kuisiware Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves

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