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Matcha DNA Green Tea: Reviewed (packets)

I recently reviewed a matcha tea from the Matcha DNA company earlier this month. The black tea (blend of black and green) arrived in a generous sized 10 oz. bag with a resealable closure at the top. The tea has a nice fresh herbal fragrance. I had been using it each morning in a smoothie. Here is how I would prepare it:

I use 1/2 teaspoon of the black matcha, 2 bananas, 1 scoop of my Rainbow Light Spirulina Vanilla Energizer / Protein Powder, 1 tablespoon of organic unsweetened/pure Cacao powder, 4-6 ice cubes (made with filtered water), and about 8 oz. of 2 %milk. (you could use skin or 1%, but I like the 2 %) I mix this up in my blender, and enjoy.

I was happy that the matcha was in loose powder form in a resealable bag as it made it possible for me to easily add more or less powder depending on what treat I was going to make (smoothie, hot matcha tea or add to pancakes, etc.) I received my green matcha recently and it was in individual packet form inside my bag. I at first was disappointed as I felt perhaps I was not going to use this version as often as I thought it would be less convenient for me. But I my assumption was incorrect. I end up using these so much more than I thought! I now can keep a few packs in my purse or in the glove compartment of our car to take with us on the go. Often people are unaware that you can order just a mug of hot water when you are dining out. If often is free (so it saves you money to bring your own tea) and you can have the kind of tea you want---and the added nutrients of matcha. My husband drinks a lot of tea at home and in restaurants when we are out. Many times we would pay for hot tea and the tea selection available at the restaurant was only one option: a generic or cheap quality black tea in a tea bag form. It would often cost up to $2 (sometimes more depending on the place) for this uninspiring, and boring tea. I am happy that I have the option to take our matcha tea with us wherever we go.

MatchaDNA powdered green tea is a delicious tea with a delicate and naturally sweet taste. MatchaDNA is organically grown and hand-picked. It can be made as a hot tea, in a frozen smoothie, or used in a variety of recipes. Have you tried making muffins with matcha? I have not tried it yet, but that is what I plan to try next! Matcha tea is full of catechins, flavonoids, and polyphenols. It is a highly antioxidant tea, and high in ECGC. I use it in my daily smoothie, which I have modified the slightest bit since my previous matcha tea review.

I use 1/2 teaspoon of the matcha, 2 bananas, 1 scoop of my Garden of Life Vanilla Raw Protein Powder, 1 tablespoon of organic unsweetened/pure Cacao powder, 4-6 ice cubes (made with filtered water), and about 8 oz. of 2 %milk. I mix this up in my blender. I switched protein powder brands as I found the Rainbow Light brand to be grittier than I was liking.

I really like this brand of matcha, I like both the loose powder form and I like the packets as well. I suggest getting whatever fits you lifestyle best. I like having both varieties on hand so I can take the packet form with me. It is a slim packet that can be slipped into a pocket. My husband can even fit 1 packet in his leather wallet to take with him. We both really enjoy matcha tea and this is a great company to get it from.

For more information:

Matcha DNA Facebook

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Matcha DNA website

Matcha DNA Green Tea on Amazon

I really enjoy this matcha tea and have found so many uses for it. I even made a face mask out of it. (In case you missed my previous Argan oil review posting on using this Green Matcha Honey mask a few weeks ago, here is what I did) I used Green tea matcha, honey, argan oil, and glycerin. Green Matcha tea is antioxidant rich. It is stone ground and uses the whole leaf. Matcha is added in my mask to nourish skin and protect against sun damage. Matcha green tea is also cooling and anti-inflammatory to skin. I think it smells nice too, a bit earthy but fresh. It also is green! I added 2 full droppers of Argan oil into the bowl of matcha powder (1 packet of powder). Argan oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids, and proteins. Argan does not smell as great as I would love for it to, bit the benefits far out weight the somewhat pungent fragrance. Argan can assist with smoothing fine lines and slow the appearance of aging. It restores elastin in our skin which gives skin the supple appearance. Vegetable Glycerin draws moisture to the skin and is wonderful, I use it in all my face treatments. (about 3-4 drops of glycerin is good) Honey is packed with antioxidants as well, and is added to the mask as it is a perfect humectant. It provides moisture and it is antibacterial, so its great for acne prone skin. Honey smells amazing and it makes for a glowing complexion. (put about 1 tablespoon of honey into the mixture). I applied to my skin and left on for about 10 minutes. It helps to wear an old tshirt or tank top as it can get drippy and messy. After rinsing, my face was VERY soft and smooth. I think that this could be a monthly mask for me.

Here is the how I made it:

My skin felt great after using this mask. There was no irritation. Please note, that my "after" picture was taken immediately after the mask, and it was SUPER late. I think it was nearly 2 am, so please know that I did not look my best or the most awake or refreshed. I do have dark under eye circles in this picture, but rest assured, results will be better on a more rested individual. :)

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