Thursday, July 24, 2014

IGOZEN Fruit/Vegetable Wash Review + Giveaway

I had the opportunity to review a fruit and vegetable spray that rinses off debris and chemicals without using any harmful substances. As a mommy to 2 little ones, I want to always make sure that food and food areas are clean and sanitized. My toddler eats a lot of fruit and veggies, especially grapes and apples, and I am happy to rest at ease knowing that she is eating fully cleaned food. iGOZEN fruit and vegetable wash came to me with 6 powder packets and an empty spray bottle. This is enough to make solution for 6 spray bottles. We had some kiwis and grapes in the fridge that we had bought the day before that I figured would be ideal candidates for a bath. iGOZEN is a "microfine powder" that is ground from seashells. This cleaner is different that others on the market as it can penetrate deep underneath food and surfaces. There is "no oil, perfume, dyes or chemicals" in the white powder. That is pretty neat if you ask me, it is super pure and safe to use. I like that it has almost no fragrance. I would liken the iGOZEN fragrance to crushed egg shells without the foul egg scent. It is proven to eliminate 99.9% of Salmonella, E.coli, pesticides, and toxins. Lots of "natural" and "organic" products available today are still made with some chemicals and could contain allergens or mild irritants. It is a relief that this product is so simple and yet is effective to use. I read the included pamphlet with all these claims and wanted to put it to the test.

To make the mixture, tear open a packet of powder, pour into the empty spray container, and pour clean water into the bottle (I used filtered water). Put on the spray cover to the bottle and shake vigorously to incorporate the powder and water until it is slightly cloudy.

I started out with 4 unwashed kiwis. I put 2 kiwis in plain FILTERED water from my Brita Pitcher into a plastic bowl, and swished around with my fingers gently in the water to rinse. These kiwis were washed in plain water only. I let these sit in the water while I went to work on using iGOZEN spray mixture.

I put the remaining 2 kiwis in another bowl, spray them down with iGOZEN, and swished the liquid to saturate, just like I did with the plain water. I let these 2 sit in the bowl as well. I let both bowls of kiwis soak for about 3 minutes. I checked them and the one sprayed with iGOZEN looked like this:

The plain water and kiwis bowl looked exactly the same. The water was clear with just a few floaty bits in it. Now I do want to mention that the iGOZEN mixture is a cloudy translucent milky color in the spray bottle, however, I did think that the iGOZEN kiwis water bowl looked a bit yellowy once the kiwis had soaked in it. I do feel a bit more at ease using this as it is hard to know exactly where the fruit and vegetables came from and to know if they were grown and harvested in a clean area without the use of pesticides and chemicals. I decided to wash the grapes as well. The pictures below show the differences.

Once I was done with the iGOZEN spray / treated fruit, I then ran the bowls under water to wash out the excess residue and prepared them for my little 3 1/2 year old to eat them. I treated the remaining fruit with the spray as well so that everything was clean.

I like how Eco-friendly this company is. They are conscious about their packaging as well. It was simple and urged the user to recycle and reuse the contents. The box that stored the packets contained a magnet and suggested the user find a new use for the box by putting it on the fridge to store recipes or notes. They sent the formula to me with the powder packets separate (and you add your own water) which lets you mix your own solution, and this saves on shipping costs due to excess weight.

I liked how the fruit had no strange aftertaste. The fruit was fresh and clean, and tasted wonderful. I was put at ease knowing that my family is safe from toxic pesticides and bacteria. The company does make a surface cleaner as well. I think I will use this spray to wipe down my cutting boards after they are used.

For more information on this company, visit iGOZEN.

Would you like to try this as well? The company has offered a sample pack to one of my readers! USA only.

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  1. Received my prize today---it looks perfect for all my cucumbers and tomatoes--thank you and thanks #iGozen!