Sunday, August 30, 2015

Click-A-Brick Feather Friends Building Set Review

My 4 year old loves to build and create. We do not buy her electronic toys that light up or make noise as we want her to use her imagination and create the noises and expand her creativity. She likes playing with the Click-A-Brick line of toys that we all discovered several months back. This time around we were given the opportunity to test the Feather Friends set. It can make much more than just birds, but the colors are great for making parrots and tropical birds such as toucan and flamingos. (Unfortunately there are no pink or coral shades in this line so her flamingo will have to make due as a blue or red fellow. We love this brand, it is unique and holds her attention for a long time.

Click-A-Brick toys are educational building blocks for children aged 4 and up. My daughter is a fan of Legos and Duplos, but what makes this product unique is the way it connects. Click-A-Brick's can be connected from all sides and corners; even forming diagonal steps (my daughter loves this feature).

This toy helps children improve motor and dexterity skills, as well learn spatial reasoning. There are many types of fancy birds you can make with this set such as parrot, toucan, flamingo, and cockatiel, however your child does not need to limit herself/himself to just birds, think of all the robots, or uniquely colored animals they can make. The product is fairly durable; and out of the 3 different sets we have, only one small piece has had an issue with cracking (and even then, that block was still able to be used despite the broken side).

We highly recommend this set and what makes this set great is that it is only 30 pieces, which is PERFECT for a traveling toy. We took this will us on a road trip and my daughter played with it in the hotel. The only future improvement I would suggest to the company is that they include a cloth draw string pouch to store the pieces. These originally came in a plastic bag that is not resealable, and then in the small and rather thin, cardboard box. We ended up finding a thick plastic bag with snaps to keep these in which makes it easier to store and to travel with.  I hope to find a cotton drawstring bag soon.

When you collect several sets, you can mix and match colors and expand your options even more.

If you are interested in finding out more about this product or would like to see what other products are from this company, you can visit their website and Facebook page.

You can find these on Amazon.

I was given a discount on my Feather Friends purchase to facilitate my review, however all opinions are my own and honest.  This is a fun set for kids and their parents too!

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