Monday, August 17, 2015

Marble Fun Run 105pc Set, with 30 Marbles (Review)

Having a 4 1/2 year old in the house, we like to keep her entertained and happy with fun, non electronic toys.  I was happy to be sent a large marble run set by Mega Fun.  This is a building toy that includes tunnels, wheels, and slides that are incredible fun and educational too! The set is just the right size with 75 bright colored pieces,  and 30 marbles, uh make that now 23 marbles currently (as we have lost some due to some of the marbles easily hopping off the track. :( Luckily we only play this set in the kitchen, on the table and away from 15 month old brother (who likes to pick things up and sometimes taste toys).  I am sure when we get around to pulling out the stove and refrigerator, we will find the missing 7.  Our house is nearly 100 years old and to be honest, the floors lean ever so slightly and so lots of small things roll under there. Hmm, I wonder what all we will find? 

We like this set as there are many variations of setting this up.  My daughter and her father enjoyed with playing this set as we have another similar set from Imaginarium.  We had hoped to use the two sets together but sadly the quality of this set was not as good.  The plastic pieces had difficulty fitting together in some parts.  I still liked the set and had we never experienced the first brand (having nothing else to compare) we would have perhaps liked it more.  My daughter did not notice any problem as she mainly did the rolling of the marbles while dad set up the run.  I tried a few pieces as well and the plastic was not always fitting flush against the other easily.

We still think this is a great toy as it does not light up or make noise.  It is fun and educational at the same time as it helps develop spacial skills and hand-eye coordination. We ended up packing this set up and donating it to a place at a local church.  My daughter did not need two sets and we liked the other brand better.

I did think this was a good toy and still am happy to rate it between 4/5 stars, I just would like the manufacturer to perhaps improve the quality of the pieces so that they are easier to fit together.  We found that marbles did get stuck in some spots, then would easily fall off the track when we would try to shimmy them free.

If you are interested in this set, they are available on Amazon.  I was sent this set for my honest opinion, I was not compensated in any way other than the free item.  Please excuse my lack of real pictures, other than the stock pictures.  My phone was sent a replacement as it was acting up and the last 2 weeks of pictures were not transferred as I thought they were.  (yes, some pictures of my little ones were lost.  I had a bit of a cry about it but, it is what it is.)

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