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O Loves M Bags made from Repurposed Yoga Mats! (Review and 20% discount Coupon) (packed as a baby bag for cloth diapered 15 month old)

Do you love bags, purses, fashionable baby bags, and totes?  I do and am rapidly growing my collection.  I love to switch out bags to suit my mood, type of outing, weather, or just to match my outfit. :) I love pairing my accessories together in ways that make my bag and all its contents coordinate.  I have 2 small children, a 4 1/2 year old and a 15 month old breast fed, cloth diapered baby.  I do have a lot of stuff to carry around and do not use traditional (ugly, unfashionable) diaper bags.  I like to find a cute, classy and pretty bag and convert it to my needs.  I do this by getting various cosmetic pouches, zippered mini bags, clutches, etc and organizing to suit my needs and the needs of my children.  I always have one of the small bags carry the mommy essentials, and then have other various bags just for dry, non messy snack foods / cereals, first aid kits, toys and teethers,  etc.  To be honest, I do not have to spend a lot to find cute organizer pouches.  I often go to places such as yard sales or even more frequently, GoodWill store to find unused Clinique, Lancome, or other cosmetic brand free with purchase makeup bags.  Often people buy their high end make up and never use the free gift with purchase makeup bag (and I score it for about $2 at GoodWill).  I have lots of different colors and patterns and like to coordinate them with my bags.  The pretty Gerber daisy pink bag in the photos below is from a Clinique set.  

I was recently sent a large tote for review purposes.  It is a rather unique item and is best suited for the beach, pool, errand running, grocery shopping, or a Spring or Summer activity.  It is one of my more casual styled bags but I like it a lot.  It is made from a Yoga mat.  I kid you not. :) The brand is OlovesM.

O Loves M bags are made from re-purposed NEW (no smelly, moist yoga mats here) yoga mats and other materials such as sandal webbing and such. The owner, artist / designer and dreamer of these nifty creations is Merle.  She created this line of fashionable and functional bags, totes and purses that are light weight, wipeable, and fantastic for everyday use by moms like me and anyone who wants a durable, USA made bag with multi-use functions.  When Merle was in yoga class one day, the idea came to her to make bags and accessories that were earth friendly and functional.

I was sent the Molly Tote in Pink Deer.  It is a bright pink bag with an incredible amount of pockets on the outside.  It has six outside pockets made from a cotton deer pattern fabric, and a strong double strap handle that is made from sandal webbing.  The bag dimensions are 12" x 19" x 5.5" and this has double straps.  I love that it is a zippered tote as a lot of totes are wide open.  I have used this as a casual baby bag for occasions when I need a lot of space in a bag and a water resistant, durable bag for summer activities.  If only we had this bag when we went to the beach in June!  It is a bright and cheery tote and fits a lot.  I fit 2 Bumgenius 4.0 one size snap cloth diapers, 2 onesies, a nursing infinity scarf, cloth panties for my 4 year old, wipes case, various pouches, wallet, toys, board book, teethers, and a few other items.  

Merle also included a cute grey pouch as a surprise! (and of course I put it to use right away in my bag as I love pouches.)  I use it to hold a lipstick, lip balm, hair ties, bobby pins and other small items.

These bags come in a wide assortment of sizes, colors, patterns, and types.  You are sure to find one you love and that suits your needs.  The stitching on my Molly bag is neat and secure.  I like the way the top zipper lays flat.  As seen in my pictures, the outside of the bag has pockets all around the bag.  I do not keep my wallet in a pocket, however wanted to show you that it could fit if you decided to use it for that purpose.  I mainly would use the pockets for a cell phone, baby books, nose and hand wipes, and small teething toys.  

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Find OlovesM on Facebook to see new styles, SALES, and to hear about Merle and her adventures.  

I highly recommend this bag, it is spacious and well designed.  It is lightweight even when packed full.  It makes a great diaper bag for 2 children.  The bottom of the bag stands alone due to the way it is designed and sewn.  It makes it so easy to pack and see inside the bag while packing. (I love that!) I like the pop of back on the pink bag, as it looks nice with my black and white striped changing pad.  The straps are comfortable and a good length.  

The only thing I personally would have liked differently about my OlovesM bag experience would to have had the grey ikat looking bag as the Molly Tote bag and perhaps the pink deer as the small clutch pouch. :) The grey pattern is much more my style than the deer pattern. Don't get me wrong, I still think the deer on this bag are cute and interesting. I just REALLY love the grey bag color and pattern, and thinks it coordinates better with my clothing and style.

*I was sent the Molly Tote and the small grey pouch for an unbiased and honest review.

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