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Nutra-Lift Rejuvenating A Nano Reneu: Reviewed

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I just had my 32nd birthday. I am happy that I have clear skin and no wrinkles yet, however I do have dark circles under my eyes and some fine lines around my eyes. I have had oily skin most of my life and in high school had some basic acne. Back then I hated how oily my t-zone would get and I had black heads on my nose and cheeks. I had heard though that when I got older, I would come to appreciate my oiliness as that would help me have less wrinkles and more moisturized skin. About a year and a half ago I did something that I thought might be a little crazy. I stopped using soap on my face and started only using essential and carrier oils on my face (argan, jojoba, rosehip, glycerin, caster oil, sweet almond oil and others). I gave up all sulfates (and acne medication)and began washing my face with oils. Within 2 weeks of my new adventure, my face cleared up my occasional cystic acne, smoothed my complexion, and lessened my oil production. My nose and cheeks have fewer blackheads. My face is not oily, it is clean and has a softness to it that was not there before.

I began drinking more water and trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. I continued my prenatal daily vitamins, and added a few other vitamins and supplements as well. About 6 months ago, I began applying topical Vitamin C serum to my face 1-2 times a day and noticed a healthy glow.

I never thought to rub my white gold wedding band on my face...

Did you know that many high end spas and salons feature expensive 24k infused gold facials and body treatments? It has been said that gold flecks/particles, when incorporated into cosmetics, can give improved skin radiance, elasticity, and a boost to collagen production. Gold acts as a powerful antioxidant, and an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. One of the most effective ways to infuse gold into a cosmetic is "colloidal gold" this is when microscopic metal particles are incorporated into a liquid. 24k Gold Particles have a positive effect on Collagen production. Apparently royalty in ancient China & India have used gold particles as a source of youth and beauty.

I was able to test out a product that uses a perfect blend of 24KT gold particles, peptides, antioxidents, vitamins, botanical extracts, and other top quality ingredients in a serum form. "Nutra-Lift Rejuvenating A Nano Reneu" is the name of the product and uses "growth factors" to enhance collagen and elastin production. When I read "growth factors" I was a bit concerned as I had never heard of those before and worried some sort of hormone was introduced into the serum. But after looking more into what these are, they are basically proteins produced by various cells in the human body, and they are essential for bringing a more youthful appearance to skin. Nutra Lift claims to minimize hyper pigmentation, protect the skin from free radicals and reduce the look of wrinkles while providing moisture and mild exfoliation. The plastic bottle is 2 oz (60 ml) and contains "Golden Collagenine" which is an advanced Peptide Nanoconjugated to 24KT Gold Particles.

This serum is a brightly colored golden orange and contains several natural skin loving ingredients, some of which are:

Aloe Vera, which is soothing, provides moisture and skin healing.

Vitamin C, when applied topically can reduce inflammation and promote collagen production. As we age, collagen breaks down and wrinkles begin to form when the skin loses its elasticity. Vitamin C protects against skin damage, and can sometimes even repair the skin when spots or fine lines occur. I apply a Vitamin C serum to my face (it also has Hyaluronic acid in it as well) daily after my shower.

Hyaluronic Acid, is a humectant (provides moisture) that keeps skin plump and hydrated, which helps with maintaining a youthful appearance. When it is applied topically, Hyaluronic Acid increases hydration and improves elasticity.

Sea Kelp, helps plump skin and is also beneficial in soothing the skin and improving cellular circulation.

Grape Seed Extract, is also a powerful antioxidant and can help with collagen production. Grape Seed Extract can fight against and repair free radicals, which are "molecules that damage healthy cells." (Livestrong website)

Marine Collagen, is a protein extracted from salt water fish (such as salmon) and also has antioxidant properties and also repairs free radicals. (Livestrong website)

Organic Royal Jelly, promotes new skin growth. Royal Jelly is known to regenerate cells and tissues.

Green Tea, is another powerful antioxidant that helps with anti-aging.

Squalene, is an excellent anti-aging moisturizer.

I only listed a few of the ingredients, but from what you have read above, you see that each of the mentioned ingredients above seem to have a connection to collagen production, repairing free radical damage, and have antioxidants. All the above are fantastic at slowing the aging process and can often repair fine lines. The list of ingredients in this serum is rather impressive.

Here is the list of ingredients:

Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel*, Peptide-8 Complex (Includes Matrixyl 3000 At 5% (Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 Pal Kttks). Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide 8), Di-Peptide 2, Golden Collagenine, Acetyl Glutamyl Heptapeptide Snap 8, Tripitide, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-8, Lactobacillus/algae Extract Ferment, Cetyl Esters, Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C Ester) Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, (Vitamin C Ester) Sea Kelp/algae, Liposomes (From Lecithin), Hyaluronic Acid, Lipidure, Ceramide-3, Retinyl Palmitate, (Vitamin A), Glycosaminoglycans, Ceratonia Siliqua (Hgf), Carnosine, Grape Seed Extract*, Co-Q10, Pycogenol*, Dmae Bitartrate, A-Lipoic Acid Hydroxyethylcellulose, Marine Collagen, Marine Elastine, Organic Royal Jelly, Mexican Yam, Green Tea*, White Tea*, Milk Thistle*, Hydrolyzed Rice Bran, Pomegranate*, White Cranberry*, Acai Berry, Black Current Seed*, Reishi Mushroom*, Shitake Mushroom*, Licorice, Astaxanthin, Rosemary, Rose Hips*, Oregano*, Sage*, Red Clover*, Tumeric*, Olive Leaf*, Ginger*,fennel*, Niacinamide, Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica), Orange Rind, Melon Rind, L-Tyrosine, Copper Peptide, Zinc Sulfate, Squalene, Colloidal Minerals. *Certified Organic Ingredients

What to expect after 30 days: (according to the Nutra Lift Website)

Increases in Collagen by up to 205%
Increases In Elasticity By 41%
Hydration Increases By 31%
Reduces The Look Of Wrinkles By 55%
Decreases In Sun Spots & Age Spots

I have tested this out for 2 weeks, and I like it so far. The bottle says that a "slight Flush /Tingling sensation is a normal reaction to the use of this product upon application. Since this product is highly concentrated, we RECOMMEND for people with Sensitive Skin, to apply on Slightly WET face." This product did not cause me any irritation or discomfort. It did feel a little sticky on my hand when I was applying it to my face, and I felt the need to wash my hands after. I do not have any wrinkles on my face, but I do have fine lines around my eyes. It is too early to tell if this is smoothing out the lines, however, I do like the tightening effect this gives to my face and it does give me a healthy appearance. My face feels smooth and it does seem to feel more supple. I am going to start using this nightly on my decolletage area, as I am a side sleeper and have a slight creasing in between my chest.

I would describe the scent as a citrus but not a sweet citrus. It smelled more along the lines of a children's chewable crunchy orange vitamin---it was not terrible, I just wished it smelled more like a sweet orange essential oil and not like a vitamin supplement. It retails for $48 and I feel that is a bit high for me personally, however, it does have excellent ingredients and would be highly beneficial for someone with deep wrinkles and age spots. Also I think for the price, that this should come in a glass container as it would be more attractive, but I always feel that glass (specifically darker colors) containers seem to preserve the integrity and purity of the ingredients, which makes the product more potent and beneficial. Dark amber or dark cobalt blue glass containers block the light from changing the structure or potency of the ingredients. I do like that this is a pump and not in a jar.

Here is an example of what 3 pumps of the product looks like: (Only 2-3 pumps is needed for my entire face and neck application)

For more information on this product and the company that makes it:

Rejuvenating “A” NANO RENEU

Nutra Lift Website

This can be purchased on Amazon: Nutra-Lift

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