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100% Organic Argan Oil by VoilaVe Organics: Reviewed

I love making my own beauty products by adding essential oils and other natural ingredients together. I have a little cabinet set up in my laundry room that I call my little apothecary hutch. It has a wide assortment of shea butter, coconut oil, coco butter, essential oils, clays, arrowroot powder, and various herbs. I started my little collection about a year and a half ago when I decided to stop shampooing my hair. Yes, I do WASH my hair, I just do not wash it with sulfates and chemical laden traditional shampoos that have questionable ingredients. I wash it 1-2 times a week with a natural, simple shampoo that is sulfate free and has mainly botanical herbs and essential oils, coconut oil, shea and coco butters. I have the best hair I have ever had. Growing up, my hair was never longer than the top of my shoulders. Never. In fact, it was only to the top of my shoulders once, in ninth grade. The rest of my life was short and sassy (but girly still)layered haircuts to my chin or above. My hair is naturally wavy, but I never knew it. All my life I had been a slave to curling irons, hot rollers, straightening irons and styling products galore. I never skipped a day of shampooing and ALWAYS had greasy hair by the next morning. My face would always be oily by the end of the school day. I had a shiny forehead and nose in some pictures if I did not blot with a tissue before. I just figured I would be stuck with oil and always thought oil was the bad guy.

I stopped using traditional sulfate soap and shampoo over a year ago and my hair and skin have never looked or felt better. Sulfates dry out skin and cause skin to actually produce more oil and breakouts. Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, a common ingredient added to face wash to make soaps foam, is a chemical that is lurking in most of the products available today. I read labels and if it is in a product, I pass on using it. It strips the skin of natural oils (sebum) that our skin needs for protection and moisture. When we use sulfates, our skin reacts and then tries to restore itself by producing more oil to compensate. That is often why when we wash our face 2 or more times a day with sulfates, we can still unfortunately have a shiny face and break outs. We are stripping the skin.

I wash my face with oils now. Yes, you read that right, I ADD oils to my face. This has LESSENED my shiny face, cleared my acne, and made my face smooth and soft. I clean my face with about 2-3 drops of lavender Dr. Bronners Castile soap and warm water about 2 times a week for a deep wash. I also make sure I wash my make up brushes and sponges regularly with castile soap and water (best thing to use to get all the makeup out and works AMAZING.)

Nightly, I wash my face with a homemade mixture of oils. I apply my oil mix to my hands, warm it up, and gently massage around my eyes. I do not attempt to remove my makeup before the oil is applied because the oil removes it fully. Once all my eye liner, mascara, shadow, and face makeup is fully removed, I rinse with warm water and pat dry. Then I cleanse with the oil cleansing method. I use a mixture of caster oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, argan oil, rosehip oil and sometimes emu oil and I massage the mixture all over my face gently. I let it soak in for about 2 minutes as I continue the massage. I then turn on the faucet to the hot water only, and when it gets steamy, I run the water over my wash cloth. I wring out the hot wash cloth and place it over my face to steam out my pores. When the cloth cools, I do the cloth steam once more only this time when it cools, I wipe the excess oil away. I rinse my face with cold water to close my pores and then I pat dry. Done.

I have recently been testing out a new brand of argan oil. It is 100% organic and called VoilaVe Organics Skincare Argan Oil. It is amazing to say the least. I love products that are natural and multifunctional. This saves money as it is used in many ways, and it makes my body feel pampered. I love argan oil and it is super luxurious to use.

I have used this argan oil in my hair. I add a few drops of argan oil to my palms, warm it up to super charge it, and apply some to my ends to moisturize and seal the ends. It can be added to the scalp and raked throughout your entire hair with fingers but it is not necessary for me. Argan oil is rich in vitamins and antioxidants that help to revitalize the scalp, and is beneficial for hair growth. My hair is in much better condition since stopping sulfates a year ago and so my hair is healthier and does not need much additional oils. I recommend investing in a top quality pure boar bristle hair brush for scalp stimulation and natural oil distribution, these brushes are also fantastic for smoothing thick unruly hair.

Argan oil is a dry oil, it absorbs quickly. It has a strong and familiar fragrance that is characteristic of pure, authentic argan oil. I like how this argan oil is in a pump. This is much easier for me, more hygienic, and less messy. I am not fond of oils in dropper bottles as that is messier and opening the product daily causes air to get inside and can lessen the purity and functionality of the product. Is is important to have a dark glass container (such as this color amber or a dark cobalt blue) when using products containing essential/precious oils and other similar ingredients. Light passing through the container can tamper with the purity and integrity of the ingredients, causing them to not last as long or lessening their effectiveness.

Other uses for Argan is healing of imperfections and scars, I do have some past acne marks from my teenage and college years. I feel that oil cleansing with this argan oil daily, as well as using it as a spot treatment, is really helping fade red marks and discoloration, as well as prevent wrinkles. Argan oil has vitamin E, and is a humectant to skin (it provides moisture). The presence of unsaturated fatty acids in the Argan oil makes it effective in fighting free radicals that causes skin aging.

I add argan oil to my pure rose water and use it as a healing and hydrating natural face toner. Another use for Argan oil is to massage a few drops of this oil into your thirsty nail cuticles to moisturize, soften and encourage nail growth. My cuticles are always in need of help so this is easy to do since I already have this on my fingers from facial cleansing, I massage the left over oil into my nails. I usually add a few drops of argan oil to my wet beauty blender makeup sponge before adding my liquid mineral foundation and bb cream.

I really like this company and this oil. The fragrance is milder than other Argan oils I have tried. The amount of product is generous at 4 oz. It is pure and has many uses. I like how it is natural and does not contain chemicals. I am able to add this to many of my store bought beauty items and cosmetics, as well as make my own products with this.

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