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Insta Natural Youth Express Gel: Under Eye Treatment: Reviewed

I have had the opportunity to review 3 different brand eye treatments in the last month. Two of them were gel form and 1 was a cream, and all 3 were white plastic airless pump bottles. Of the 3, one brand stood out immediately before even applying it to my skin. Insta Natural Youth Express Eye Gel comes in a comfortable to hold, generous size of 1.7 oz. The other 2 brands are a small tiny 0.5 oz and the size is not the most cost effective or comfortable to hold at such as small size.

I had tried several items from the Insta Natural product line. Everything so far has been wonderful. The ingredients are top quality, the sizing of the products are generous, and the customer service is always a treat. The Insta Natural is a gel form and the other gel one (0.5 oz) are almost identical in ingredients except the other gel one has organic licorice added. this ingredient did not add any additional fragrance. They both are cooling when applied and tighten my eye area on contact, with a short term, but fantastic result lasting throughout the day. Both smell similar to each other with the Organic Cucumber Hydrosol in both providing a light, refreshing fragrance.

I do want to note that when testing the smaller one I had trouble wearing it under my makeup on 2 different days and had to wear it only at night from then on when I slept. I tested that one first about 2 weeks before testing the Insta Natural one. The 0.5 gel would roll up on itself, and leave some sticky (product rolling up) areas on my lid. I have tested them side by side on my hand (picture with both gels in a dab).

The left side has the 0.5 gel (brand name in another review of mine) and the right is Insta Natural. As seen in the following picture of the 2 dabs smoothed out, the product on the left (0.5 oz one) has a glob that will not smooth down, it is almost a glue like feeling. This is how it rolls up on me during application and what keeps me from using it under my makeup. The gel works nicely, it just is sticky, more difficult to work with and is more noticeably sticky on my hand.

I rinsed off the tester hand and applied the 0.5 oz gel on top of my left hand again, smoothed it out, then applied the Insta Natural on top of my right hand. I allowed them to dry for about 5 minutes and the right side (Insta Natural) is smooth, and not sticky at all. The left side that has the 0.5 oz is still sticky and tacky to touch. It confuses me a bit as they have the exact same ingredients except for the 0.5 oz has that additional ingredient. Now I realize it may seem that I am slightly biased as the Insta Natural is much bigger in size. But that is not the case. I would rather both , the sizing be small but smooth, instead of sticky and tacky.

After about 10 minutes had passed, I did a test rub on my left hand (0.5 oz). The product rolled up and became almost flaky. The right hand (Insta Natural) has not rolled up at all and is not in the least bit sticky.

I am not going to compare the Insta Natural to the 0.5 cream in much detail, as the 2 products are nothing alike in texture and the ingredients are very different. The cream one does have a lot of essential oils and botanical ingredients. I do like it as well. My least favorite is the 0.5 gel as you can gather. It is not terrible (I did give it a positive review) but the rolling up and sticky texture makes it difficult for me to wear during the day (the time most importantly for me to want to see the lift on my eye area).

I am happy that I was able to try Insta Natural and compare it to other similar eye products. It works well for giving a slight tightening of the lids and eye area and seems to help with brightening the under eye area. I still have dark circles, but I have had those most my life from poor sleeping habits. Sadly I may have those much longer than I wish to, as I get even less sleep now that I have a newborn and a 3 1/2 year old.

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