Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Natural Revolution Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask with earplugs: Review

I am an insomniac. I always have been. I am a worrier as well. I will stare out into the dark bedroom at the alarm clock and watch the lime green numbers change. I will stare at the tiny glow of my cell phone charging next to the bed side table. I get so distracted that I cannot think of sleep. I have tried drinking chamomile tea and relaxing baths before bed. I play an ocean sound machine during sleep in the bedroom. I have tried sleep masks but they are highly uncomfortable and force my eyes and lashes closed.

I had the opportunity to review a different, more improved type of sleep mask. It is contoured to fit more comfortably around eyes and is made of a foam like material. It has an adjustable strap that closes with velcro. This adjusting band is nice because most sleep masks are either too loose on me or too tight and dig in. The contoured feature is great because it allows eye movements such as blinking and REM sleep. For those tired mommy's who are lucky to "sleep when baby sleeps" (I have a newborn) this design won't smudge my eye make-up if I choose to sneak in a much needed nap during the day. This would work well for people traveling on an airplane who would be sleep during odd times of day during a long flight.

The sleep mask came with a black carry case and a set of foam ear plugs. The plugs are helpful for blocking / muffling nose of a snoring spouse, construction noise, loud neighbors, city sounds, or television. The sleep set is quite useful and I like it a lot.

We actually were able to use the sleep mask for another use. Our 3 1/2 year old knocked a large can of food on her big toe while she was playing in the cabinet. This made her toenail bleed and swell and we had to take her to the emergency room to have them check it and use a needle on the nail. When we got back home, this past week had been difficult getting her to allow us to change the bandage and apply the medicine without her crying and seeing the blood and getting afraid again. We would try to reassure her that she is okay and that the medicine will make it better (she agrees it feels better and looks better each day) but looking at the bruised toe and sore toenail reminds her of the pain and makes the bandaging process difficult. I had the idea of putting this mask on her (which she loved wearing) while she held her stuffed bear and I changed the bandage. I talked to her along the way and told her how brave she was being. The mask worked! She has now allowed me to bandage her toe much quicker and with no tears. So although the mask was a bit large on her, even on the smallest setting, it worked for covering her eyes so she did not see the blood and so her pain did not intensify with the memory of the toe trauma.

This mask worked well for use during sleep and we also can use it for our little one. For more information, check the mask out on Amazon: Sleep Mask & Ear Plugs Bedtime Bliss

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  1. I use the after working the night shift since I didn't feel like buying black out curtains. This eye mask for sleepingis very comfortable and completely blocks out all light. Very useful for sleeping during the day or in any bright place.

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