Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gold Elements Nail Care Supreme Kit: Reviewed

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

"Gold and beauty are two words which seem to go together. Traditionally, gold has always held value and significance, in terms of enhancing beauty." -Gold Elements

Many high end spas are offering high end gold infused facials and body treatment. Clients are raving about the results and instant glow they are seeing. These treatments are not cheap, and can go for hundreds of dollars just for a facial. It has been said that gold has anti-aging properties due to gold having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

I had the opportunity this month to try a luxury hand and nail care product set from a company called Gold Elements. It is a spa and cosmetic company noted for its regal skincare products. The set I was sent for review is called Gold Elements Nail Kit Supreme and it is a real treat to use. Being a busy mama of now 2, my finger nails are kept short and simple. I occasionally paint my finger nails a pretty spring or summer shade, however often the paint chips so quickly I like to keep my nails clear or bare.

When the set arrived, I was in awe. The nail care supreme kit is beautifully boxed in a golden hued cardboard box and comes with a nice golden gift bag as well. When opened, the set is housed in a faux velvet lined ivory colored plastic tray. It is displayed with utmost care and really does live up to the name, "supreme".

It came with these nail care items (and the following descriptions)

A gentle, protective and soothing hand cream to protect
your skin.

Deeply soothe, moisturize and nourish the cuticles. Ideal
when buffing your nails, your cuticles will be softer and
your nails stronger looking.

To smooth away rough nail edges and shape your nail
faster and easier.

A fantastic buffer which grants a beautiful gleam to your nails
and assists in stimulating the blood circulation underneath

I opened the hand cream and put a small amount on my finger to apply it to my hand. It was a smooth and moisturizing consistency, and has a pleasant sweet cream fragrance. I was able to rub it in easily and it was not sticky or greasy. I was fond of it right away. The nail file was similar to ones I have used before, but is sturdy and the black color was classy. The buffing block has 3 different textures. The Golden hued metallic black side is meant to be used first. The grey side is smoother and to be used on the nail second, and the white side is the smoothest and is what gives the nail a high gloss shine.

To prepare my hands and nails for my spa like hand and nail treatment, I first washed my hands in a warm water and used a sulfate free gentle foaming soap. I rinsed in warm water as well to make my nails and cuticles a bit softer. I patted my hands dry and began filing my nails and shaping them with the nail file. I decided to round the edges. My nails are short, but I decided to file them to make them smoother as they seemed a bit on the jagged side. After filing, I began applying a tiny dot of cuticle oil on each finger near the nail bed. My cuticle were very dry and thick. I could not find my cuticle trimmer stick and really wished this set came with one. I tried to smooth out and remove any remaining thick and dry cuticles from my fingers. I massaged the remainder oil into my nails and then followed the buffing steps. After 3 buffing steps were completed, my nails looked super smooth and glossy. I really looked like I had painted them with a clear natural polish. I applied the hand cream and admired my work. My only recommendation would be for a wooden cuticle pusher stick to be included as well as a cuticle remover tool (cuts the cuticle along the nail where it meets the skin of the finger part). I seriously needed my cuticle tool and could not find it anywhere. Look at how glossy my thumb nail is!

I really like the hand cream best. Normally I do not use lotion on my hands as most lotions are greasy and make it difficult for me to get into my purse or touch clothing without concern of getting oil stains on the fabrics. I also always dislike heavy creams on my hands when I am wearing my rings. The Gold Elements hand cream makes my hands feel soft and moisturized without feeling oily or sticky.

I recommend this set. I do think it is pricy at $49.99 on their website, however, I do think it is perfect for someone who wants a natural and beautiful manicure that is easy. Manicures in a salon are costly, this set will last a long time as the cream only needs a small amount applied for nice results. The cuticle oil only needs to be used sparingly for results.

Want more information?

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