Thursday, May 29, 2014

Priva Heavy Duty Vinyl Mattress Protector: Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

We have been potty training our toddler who has been sleeping in a twin bed for the past year. She still wears padded cotton panties during the day and pullup diapers at night. Often her diaper is overflowing by the time she gets up in the morning. She also sleeps with her mouth open and wakes up in a puddle of drool. (Don't tell her I told you this, in 10 years she will be mad at me). Lets face it, parents of young children are constantly changing sheets and worrying about a urine soaked mattress. Mattresses are expensive, and once a mattress gets urine in it, it is extremely difficult to clean. Luckily, we have not had a problem with a wet mattress. Sheets, blankets, now that is a different story...

I was happy to be invited to review a mattress protector for her twin bed. The company is Priva and they have a variety of protectors for all sizes and types of needs. This particular mattress protector is designed with a unique soft knit grooved surface that is comfortable against skin (not noisy or slick like other protectors) while providing complete mattress protection from leaks and soiling. It looks and functions like a fitted sheet with elasticized sidewalls that hold it firmly in place. This protector is waterproof and antibacterial, and protects against dust mites. The knit to a polyurethane film on this protector creates a very soft-to-the-touch and quiet waterproof barrier. For those of you that have used plastic pants on your babies or toddlers know how noisy and unnerving that vinyl plastic sound cant be. This also did not have a plastic smell which made me happy.

I was reminded by the company that this is machine washable and dryable and that it should be washed and dried prior to using in order for absorbency to be maximized. This made sense to me, since I am used to "prepping" our cloth diapers and cloth training pants prior to our children using them. I like that it can be bleached, in case it gets really messy. We usually sun our white clothes and cloth diapers when they are stained. A bright sunny day takes care of nearly all our diaper stains after only a few hours.

This protector washed well in our machine and I did not have to worry about damaging it in the dryer. I had ruined a mattress protector after only one wash and dry a few months ago. The cheapy one (which was still about $30) tore in several places after being washed on normal setting. This Priva brand is durable and looked great after washing.

This mattress protector is available in Twin, Double, Queen and King. We tested the twin, and are happy with this for our toddler bed. This would be great for anyone, not just those who are prone to accidents. This is great for those who eat and drink in bed or those who (like me) pump milk in bed before bed and have sadly spilled some from jumping up to pick up their screaming newborn...

This is available on Amazon.

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