Monday, May 26, 2014

Pet Urine Stain Finder by UV Sight, Ultraviolet Blacklight: Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

We used to have a dog. We had her since she was a puppy and potty training was a fight until she was about 5 or 6 months of age. Luckily we were smart and after the third time she relieved herself on our carpet we decided to get a baby gate and keep her in the uncarpeted areas of the house such as the kitchen, laundry room area and family bathroom which are all on the first floor. The house is about 90 years old and when we moved into it almost 4 years ago the carpet was at least 5-7 years old, it probably was older. I do not know if they had pets, but there was a stray cat that hung around our porch for the first 2 years we lived here, so I wonder if the cat used to be inside the home.

We have cleaned the carpets many times with our steam cleaner/shampooer. However, as we all know, urine is not the easiest to fully remove so I wanted to be sure. The carpet definitely has some age on it and with a potty training toddler, and previously a puppy, stains are going to happen. We no longer have the dog, and the stains were cleaned and (hopefully) fully removed, however, with a new baby in the house and our toddler who plays daily in the living room, we wanted to make sure that all stains were fully removed. Luckily black lights are awesome and luckily they find things lurking in even the most "clean" areas. I used to have a black light when I was fresh out of college and thought things like that were cool just to have. Since then, it was long lost after moving from 2 different apartments, and then getting married and moving into this house. I had recently been sent a black light product to review from the company, UV Sight.

It is the size and appearance of a small travel flashlight. They were kind to include 3 AAA batteries in the packaging so I was able to use this right away. It works by reacting with certain chemicals in urine that illuminate under ultra violet light. It is a 12 LED black light flashlight and claims it will easily spot stains the eye can't see. The instructions list how to use this and suggest to use it in complete darkness. Right now as it is approaching the official status of summer and so it is not completely dark outside here till after 9:30 pm. I went ahead and waited till both babies were tucked in before I went to start my urine search sleuthing.

I was happy to find that my search only led me to millions of white cracker crumbs and lint in the carpeted living room. But WOW did they illuminate! I felt a bit sheepish that I was not as good of housekeeper as I had thought, and then also realized it was my fault for handing her crackers over the baby gate all the time and not making sure to vacuum or check for crumbs. I started in the living room, and progressed to each room of the house that had carpet and even made myself chuckle a bit when I illuminated her dollies. They were super creepy in the dark with a black light. Anything white (white parts of eyes and teeth) would illuminate.

I can see myself using this black light quite often as a mommy. I may not have a dog or cat, but potty training can get messy as we know and this will help find any stains if they occur. It will also help to use in her toddler bed to make sure her sheets are not wet in the night or stained. I was pretty happy with this little flashlight and think it is easy to use.

This will also be helpful to check for remaining stains and messes in the bathroom. See the stock photo of the toilet? That is gross and probably how most toilets are in most households. We think they are clean. I always thought public restrooms were icky, but after seeing that picture of someones' HOME bathroom, I can imagine just how nasty public restrooms are.

Please note, that these before and after pictures are STOCK photos from the company, they are not from my home. :) I luckily found only crumbs on my carpets. I have yet to be brave enough to check my own toilet.

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