Friday, May 23, 2014

100% Pure Emu Oil by InstaNatural: Reviewed

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

My husband started a new job last month. He had been working a laid back customer service work at home computer job for the past 2 years and was rarely on his feet very often. This new job has him rushing around as a restaurant manager at a busy hotel. He was not prepared for the crazy long shifts and the constant speed walking back and forth over unforgiving concrete floors. He wears a suit and dress shoes daily and this attire, while looking smart and classy, is not the most comfortable in a hot kitchen and after the first day, his shoes tore up the tops of his feet. He had a large blister on each foot, about the size of a silver dollar. His dress shoes rubbed the tops of his feet and on several places on his toes. This continued for a week, until I decided something must be done and I made him a homemade ointment to apply each morning and evening under gauze bandages.

I promise I am not a hippie, or work as a crazy mumbling medicine woman lol, I have just been switching our family over to more homeopathic and natural products for health and cosmetics. I have a small assortment of essential oils and butters that I use for times such as this when some added skincare tlc is needed. I made a small salve of tea tree oil, organic olive oil, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, mango butter, organic calendula flower oil, rosehip seed oil and emu oil. The emu oil was new. I was sent a sample bottle of this from the InstaNatural company recently and had read fantastic things about its healing properties and decided to add it to the ointment. We do not use petroleum oil based products, such as mineral oil and petrolatum oil, we like to use natural oils and creams.

Emu oil penetrates deep into the skin dermis, and can penetrate deep in the body and reduce pain. Emu oil can be used on cuts, skin irritation and eczema, reduce scarring, relieve swelling, and can help to restore skin elasticity. It has regeneration benefits, allowing the collagen in your skin to reconstruct itself. As we age, skin loses elasticity and collagen. Emu oil is also said to thicken and plump your skin, which helps give skin a youthful appearance. Emu oil reduces wrinkles, and assists cracked or damaged skin.

I had my husband apply this mixture twice a day for a week on his blistery skin abrasions on his feet and to wear dark socks that were a bit thicker (more sporty) than his normal dress socks. His tops of his feet were healed up after the week of daily application. Obviously it was a combination of all the butters and oils, however, after reading about emu oil and its amazing abilities, I would have to say it must have had a good part in the healing.

Here is a brief overview of what Emu oil is and what it comes from: Emu oil comes from the fat of Emu birds. The Emu is similar looking to the ostrich, however the ostrich is larger. Emu oil has been used in the past in "Australian aboriginal traditional medicine for (treating and healing) fevers, coughs, minor pain, arthritic joints, bruises, cuts and sores."

I use the emu oil on my children's eczema and my husband uses it on his dry, cracked knuckles and hands. I think it is a wonderful product and I trust this InstaNatural company. Their products are wholesome and top quality. They are always very generous in the amount of product in their bottles. I also want to note that this bottle of Emu oil come with a pump top. I LOVE THIS FEATURE. While I like dropper type bottles, I find this pump to be easier and more beneficial to my needs. Sometimes droppers come out too fast and are messy as they dispense *DRIP* oil when I do not want them to dispense the oil. This pump makes it easy for me and I wish all of InstaNatural oils came with this feature. :)

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