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Barbershop Shave Soap Bar in a Jar by BebeLush: Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

How often have you gotten all primed and ready to shave your legs (or face if you are a man) and you realize that the blade is dull and you forgot to buy a new cartridge? I have had d this problem all too often when I was using traditional razors. I used to use Venus razors for years. I loved Venus, but paying $15 for 4 blades is crazy. I was buying a new pack of blades each month. That is crazy expensive and also time consuming. I was browsing ebay about 3 months ago and saw a beautiful vintage 1963 vintage lady Gillette blue starburst safety razor and wondered how difficult and scary (or maybe even wonderful?)shaving with that might be. I am a picky gal and so I waited about 2 weeks for the right one to pop up for sale. I wanted it to be vintage of course, but I like my vintage to look near new out of the package or at least like it was loved and cherished with the utmost care. I wanted all the stars on it to have their full color paint, and the handle to be free on nicks and rust, etc. I probably paid a bit more than I should have, but since this was going to be my one and only razor from now on, I wanted it to look nice and stay nice with proper care. This one can with a matching vintage case which sweetened the deal a bit for me.

Today's razors are made out of cheap plastic, often not USA made, and are costly. I chose the vintage Gillette safety razor due to the length of the handle and the ease of loading the blade, and it is super 60's. This one was actually made for women in the 60's so I figured perhaps it may not be as scary if other women were using it. I was able to find 100 Personna comfort blades for around $11 on Amazon. That box will last be for quite a while. There are NUMEROUS brands out there. I would suggest trying a few different brands in a trial pack before buying 100 like I did. The blades are decent, but they are the only brand I have tried.

I was first afraid and overwhelmed by safety razors, as I would be using an actual razor blade. I scoured the internet for videos and blogs on how to do a successful and safe double edge shave. I joined a few wet shaving forums and facebook groups (being a woman, I was among the minority). But do not worry, these guys are super polite and they love shaving. They have crazy collections of brushes and razors and they are ready to give assistance or advice when needed.

I purchased the razor and was excited to use it. I have a shower chair in my shower tub so I figured that would be the best option. At the time of my purchase, I was VERY pregnant. I was down to the last 3-4 weeks until the big day and I was NOT COORDINATED and not very mobile. Surprisingly, I did not have many nicks that first shave despite my lack of being able to see much of my lower legs and despite having difficulty getting in a good position. It was helpful to me to use a removable shower mirror I had attached to the wall, it made viewing the backs of my legs much easier.

Pre-shave preparation is important for a close, comfortable wet shave. I recommend applying a hot, moist towel beforehand or even a hot steamy shower (super necessary if you are a tired mama like me and need some extra pampering of hot steam) before the shave. The heat and water softens the hairs and prepares the skin. I also like to use a homemade pre-shave oil. I use a small mix of caster oil, jojoba, argan oil, or rosehip oil, and glycerin and then apply lightly to my legs and armpits before shaving. You may use whatever oil works best for you. Olive oil is something most everyone has on hand, why not try that?

Safety razors are designed to be used with little to no pressure when shaving, as irritation and nicks can occur if pressure is applied. It is important to use slow short strokes when shaving and use the correct angle with shaving. I recommend using a shaving brush. I have a pure badger hair brush---it is actually my husband's brush from years ago, and I hope to upgrade to my own, nicer one sometime soon. I am not fond of hate his badger brush as it sheds (every time)and is not as soft as I would like. His is pure badger (pure is the base grade). I purchased this brush for him before we were married and at that time figured $35 was a nice shaving brush. I was unaware that their were actually types of badger hair and that the shaving experience would greatly differ based on what you purchased.

Shaving brushes come in many forms. A lesser known or lesser used type is horse hair or boar hair. I prefer badger hair. Badger hair comes in many levels/grades, depending on what part of the badger it is harvested. Pure badger hair (my husband's brush and the one I used) is the least expensive of badger types. At that time I was unaware of the types of badger and got what I could afford.). Pure is not as soft as more expensive types. Pure is more entry level and easy to find and purchase as it is widely available. Now don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with pure badger brushes. Not all pure badger brushes will shed and many people love pure badger. My pure badger brush was only one example of a pure badger brush and I just selected the wrong brush for me.

The next type grade of shaving brush is best badger, with a softer feel to the hair and not as scratchy as pure badger hair. Best Badger brushes are great for those who want something mid range in price and still be a decent brush. This type of hair is more "scrubby" and would be good for light exfoliation.

The next grade of badger brush is super badger, which has finer hair and a softer feel than Pure and Best badger. Super badger is a great option for those looking for a more cost effective alternative to the Silvertip. Super badger is often referenced to being similar to silvertip. It is not as soft as silvertip but is still a fantastic brush and still very soft.

The final type of badger hair brush is the coveted silvertip badger hair---super luxurious and soft. Being a part of these specialty shaving groups I have seen some silvertip brushes sell for an upwards of $200 or more depending on the size of the knot (hair diameter in mm), density (how tightly packed the hair is), handle size and length, and brand. However, you can get a decent silvertip for about $85. Since I paid $35 for the lowest grade for badger, I am saving up money for a reasonably priced $75-85 range silvertip. I am picky though, I want a large knot (diameter of the base knot of the badger hair in mm) and I want a long handle. The current shaving brush I use is 23 mm knot. I am looking for a 26 or 28 mm.

After selecting what shaving brush and badger hair type, it is important to know how to use the brush properly in order for the best shave possible. A shaving brush creates lather and it is important soak the brush in hot water before lathering as it raises the hair for shaving. I sometimes lather with a Sandalwood soap (super luxurious scent and moisturizing, I got it at a Indian grocery). I like to add a few drops of glycerin and caster oil. (After my hot shower and pre-shave oil) It is important to rinse the razor as needed while shaving. I shave in the shower while sitting in my shower chair, and I keep a cup of hot water in a plastic cup for rinsing the razor. Obviously, pour out the water and refill with fresh water when needed during your shave.

I recently was given the opportunity to review a hard soap puck by BebeLush. It is "Barbershop Shave Soap Bar in a Jar" and I selected the bay rum, orange and clove. This is mainly a man's shave puck, but really, who says men own oranges and rum? Let the ladies savor the luxury!

This is a shaving soap that is in a tin and you lather the wet brush over the soap. I suggest soaking your brush in hot water for about a minute or so before using so that the brush hairs are softened, primed and ready. After the brush is soaked in hot water, gently shake excess water out of the brush and then begin to lather over the soap puck. Then directly apply to the area you are going to shave, or transfer the brush and foam into a mug for further frothing. I like to froth and lather further in a mug. I add the soapy foam to my Vintage Penhaligan gold tone shaving mug, along with the glycerin and caster oil. Now, please note YOU DO NOT NEED to add any oils or glycerin to this soap bar puck. I am just an oil lover and add my oils and glycerin to most all my cosmetics and creams. Glycerin is a nice humectant and so I always can use a moisture boost on my skin.

The soap is formulated with shea, cocoa and mango butters for healthy supple skin and provides a thick, rich and slick lather. The soap is natural, free of synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives. There are essential oils in this soap which give it even more bonus points from me. I love how this is made in the USA! Each soap puck is hand-poured with the finest natural ingredients. Would you like to know what is in this soap? Ok, I will tell you since you said pretty please.


Sodium Cocoate, Propylene Glycol , Sodium Stearate, Glycerin, Water, Sorbitol, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Seed Butter, Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Chlorophyll, Pimenta Racemosa Oil (Bay Rum), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Five Fold Sweet Orange) Peel Oil, Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Leaf Oil, Titanium Dioxide.


Lather shave brush briskly over the top of the shaving soap, rubbing soap into the brush. When a lather starts to form, continue rubbing for 20 seconds to make sure that the brush will have picked up enough soap. Rub that over your wet beard or um legs in my case, brushing vigorously, to coat the hair with soap, and the lather will start to build. Shave, rinse and add oils or creams to skin as desired.

I really like this shave soap. It would work well for a man or a woman. I would recommend using a shave brush with this as the experience of shaving with a brush is so much more luxurious and it raises the hair up to prepare the best shave. Brush shaving is frothy and creates luxurious lather.

This orange, bay rum, and clove scent is mild and refreshing, with a hint of spice. I would say that the orange is definitely more pronounced than the bay rum. This would be a fantastic gift for someone special. You know, father's day is coming up......and how about a GIVEAWAY???


The company so generously has offered a shave soap to one of my wonderful readers. This soap also comes in cedarwood, cassia and clove. Entry is easy and you can enter often. Please subscribe to my blog and keep on the lookout as I love giving things away to you.

Would you like to know more about this company? (Please note I am not in any way connected to them and I do not receive any bonus points or payment for any purchases you make.)

BebeLush website

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Contest begins May 31,2014 at 5pm EST and ends June 13th. USA ONLY PLEASE. Ships directly from the manufacturer, I am not responsible for shipment time. 6/30/14 (Sorry will NOT arrive in time for Father's Day, BUT we should celebrate Father's on more then ONE day! :) )

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  1. This would be perfect for my father-in-law. He still uses this kind of soap to shave with!

  2. This would be a great gift for him! Good luck to you on the giveaway Robyn.

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  5. This would be a very nice Father's day gift for my husband. He deserves it, too as he is a wonderful Dad and Grandpa.

  6. All the menfolk I know use plain ole shaving cream in an aerosol can.

  7. I would either give the soap to my husband or to my father-in-law.

  8. My fiance uses a shaving lotion right now but is always up for trying new things.

  9. My husband using reg. shaving cream.


  10. This would be for my husband.


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  13. We use both shaving creams and shaving soaps.

  14. Crystal Rose

    you have won the shaving soap!!

    Please send me your full shipping address and phone number. I have sent you an email. Check you bulk folder just in case.

    Thank you!