Thursday, July 7, 2016

PriMiracle Moisturizing Body Wash with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil & Lemon Review

I am always on the lookout for a nice quality, sulfate free body wash and shampoo.  Many years ago I would be impressed with the shampoo and body wash aisle with the vast array of choices and would make my selection based on brand popularity and scent.  Now I look at the aisle with a feeling of frustration and disappointment.  Most products have sulfates, along with a long list of chemicals.  Often the products seem to be natural when they unfortunately are not as natural as you would hope.  I am no expert on chemical ingredients and am often confused when it comes to sulfate free products.  Sometimes I pick up a product that says that it does not contain harsh sulfates.  Well apparently that does not mean it is sulfate free, it just means that the sulfates in it are gentler than others you might find in a similar product.

I was recently sent a product for review that is sulfate free and contains essential oils.  PriMiracle is a professional spa quality line that uses botanical ingredients and essential oils.  The body wash has an invigorating scent and contains Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil & Lemon.  It is low sudsing, but I still can get a nice amount of suds when I use my mesh body puff.  It comes in a  12 oz bottle with a pop up cap lid.  I always prefer this to the bottles where I have to remove the entire cap (getting water into the product when in my shower.  Using a flip top lid ensures quick dispensing.  The liquid is clear and a bit thin (almost runny) in consistency, but foams up best when I apply it directly to my bath puff. I makes sure my puff is completely wet and then add the liquid.  I find that this fresher my senses and wakes me up, while also eliminating any un-fresh odor. :) The body wash has a lemon tea tree scent.  I am not overly fond of the fragrance of tea tree, however it is an ingredient that I use rather frequently due to its antibacterial and anti fungal properties.  I do find that the tree tree in this product pairs nicely with the lemon.  Tea tree is fantastic for treating problem skin conditions (irritation, rashes, and dry skin, etc.) and eliminates body odor.  

Aloe Vera is also a wonderful ingredient, it cools, hydrates and soothes the skin.  This wash is especially enjoyable to use in the afternoon, to freshen up after a long day of strawberry picking in the 90+ degree hot sun! (we can all attest to that!)  My husband, toddler son, and 5 year old have tried this body wash as well.  I find it to be gentle and effective.  

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For more information on PriMiracle, you can learn more at their website.  For products updates and healthy skincare tips, find them on Facebook. 

Here is my family, sweaty and tired after a long and hot strawberry picking.  Yes, that is my husband wearing a cotton dress shirt (long sleeve, but rolled up a bit at sleeves) in 95 degree weather.  He does not wear t-shirts out of the house. :) LOL!

We had fun at the orchard on my husband's off day.  We (me and the 3 kids) sadly only get out of the house about once a week (and on that day it is usually a doctors appointment or grocery run as we pack everything into that one day) and so this was treat to do something fun as a family.  I stayed in the shade on the porch (the orchard has wooden chair gliders that are so cozy) with new baby as he is only 6 weeks and it was a scorcher.  He snoozed in the baby wrap sling.  

We got 5 pounds of beautiful strawberries! Seriously, I have you seen such pretty berries? The berry pictures were taken on my cell phone with about 4% battery left (no flash) and I really did not know the pictures would come out.  I was pretty impressed with the berries!

After a long and enjoyable outing of berry picking, walking in the orchard, and eating at a restaurant before heading home, we all took turns getting cleaned up before bed.  The body wash felt refreshing.  I use it daily in my shower, but I wanted my husband to try it as he was pretty sweaty! :) 



I like the appearance of the PriMiracle bottle and products.  It is very professional and classy.  I like the aloe, tea tree, and lemon picture on the front.  The bottle is easy to hold and I like the flip top lid.  I do want to mention that the bottle is a little difficult to squeeze (one handed) to dispense the wash.   

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