Sunday, July 3, 2016

Electronic Indoor Insect Eliminator Review

I was sent a product (complimentary to evaluate) that can assist with all sorts of flying insects that may enter your home or garage.  The device is a bug zapper type device with two 10 Watt UV lights that attract insects towards the electricity panes and then eliminates them. :)

This electronic insect eliminating device is amazingly quiet.  There is no zapping sound, no smokey/electric odor, and no dead bug odor.  It easy to use in small spaces, yet covers up to 320 square feet.  I appreciate that it stands on its own or can be hung onto the wall.  I do want to mention that the cord is terribly short, and since I wanted to put this on our utility room window sill (small rectangular window that is higher on the wall away from little children) I was unable to use the cord directly plugged into an outlet.  Not many outlets are high up on the walls (except our 2 bathrooms).  I had to use an extension cord / surge protector.  Despite the fact that it kind of clutters the area, it does make me feel safer I guess.

This is summer, and we are in the country, so there is a flying and crawling bug issue here frequently. Unfortunately the time of testing this we only had gnats to enter and never leave.  We did have 2 pesky flies in one week that seemed to never leave, but they stayed away from our zapper and we had to use the unsightly fly tape and hang it from the ceiling.

For those insects that do become trapped and eliminated, clean up is easy.  Insects are collected in a removable and washable tray.  There is a protective safety grid to separate and protect you from the electricity light panels, which is removable for cleaning (do this with everything unplugged please).

I like how this is a chemical and odor free solution to bugs.  I am sure this will be even more useful later into the summer when we get crane flies.  I do want to mention that since we keep this in a window sill, the light attracts bugs to the exterior entrance (outside the window) and we have more flying bugs at night outside that area.  I was only able to trap 3 small gnats in the entire month we had this device.  The light seems to attract a lot of insects, but they do not get close enough to be zapped.

Earlier in the Spring we had a small swarm of wasps outside our back door that were entering our attic space.  We would occasionally (ok like more frequently than that----lets say 2-3 wasps a week) have wasps come down from the second floor attic area and into our living room.  This went on for a few weeks.  Our home is almost 100 years old and not sealed well.  It was scary as we have a newborn, 2 year old, toddler, and my husband and I.  My husband actually got stung on his heel as he went barefoot onto our back deck to hang a laundry item, and a wasp was on the deck wood, he accidentally step on the wasp unknowingly and before it died, it got him.  He was in incredible pain.  Gosh imagine trying to walk on a stung foot.  I luckily have never gotten stung by a bee or wasp in my entire life.  I had this device in mind to use upstairs but we have not seen any wasps so we keep this in the laundry/utility room downstairs.

I have yet to see this work real well, as only the gnats were eliminated, but that still is helpful as no one wants gnats in their home, especially near the kitchen.

This was sent to me at no cost for review.  I was not compensated in any way, other than the free product to try.

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