Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Handmade Bamboo Wood Hair and Beard Comb by Beardeur Review

I stopped using plastic hair combs over 5 years ago.  Plastic brushes are generally made from a mold and have jagged edges and seams that can snag hair and cause breakage.  I always use a seamless comb in my hair.  Since my hair is thick and fine, it tangles easily and is prone to knots. I have grown it long and then have had to get it cut into a long bob about once a year due to it being so tangled that it would no allow a comb or brush through some of it.

My hair is healthy and has minimal damage, it is just very delicate due to the fine texture.  I find that my Denman brush and my Mason Pearson Boar Mixed brush (I have the largest size in the Popular) work well for smoothing my hair and distributing the natural oils from my scalp along my hair.  I have been using sulfate free shampoos and conditioners for about the same amount of time and only shampoo 1-2 times per week (and no my hair does not smell or look oily).  I do not use heat tools, except for maybe a hair dryer once every 3 months or so.

I like using wooden or horn combs.  These types are seamless and natural and healthy for the hair.  I was recently sent a Bamboo wood comb from Beardeur complimentary for my evaluation and review.  They are a beard accessory company (as the name implies) however their items can be used by those without beards and women.  :) I happen to use this brush on my hair.

Beardeur combs are 100% natural bamboo and handmade.  They stand apart from the traditional plastic combs which are made from a mold and mass produced.  This comb has 2 different widths of teeth.  I use the wider side and would have preferred the comb to be entirely the wide width bristles.

 My husband has a beard, but he prefers using a pocket sized beard comb that has only the narrower bristles.  He did use this wooden comb on his naturally wavy to curly hair and liked it a lot.  I love the long handle of this comb and find it suits my daily use.  I use this comb on my wet hair after my shower.  Despite the fact that I only wash my hair 1-2 times per week, I do shower daily and usually wet my hair every time just to feel cooler in the summer months.

I like this comb and find it works well for me.  I have tried it on my 5 year old daughter's hair as well. Her hair is longer than mine, but the same fine texture.  Since this is made from bamboo wood, it is fantastic for reducing static and frizz in the hair.  This is a gentle comb and I love how well it is constructed.  

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