Sunday, September 27, 2015

We Dream: Modern Lullabies to Help Your Baby Sleep CD Review

I have a 17 month old and a 4 1/2 year old. My 4 year old seems to have inherited a bit of her mother's insomnia, and despite going through the nightly routines and being lovingly put to be around 8 pm, she often does not actually sleep until midnight some nights. I do find some comfort in the fact that when I come in to check on her, she is nestled in her bed with a stack of 15+ books. She cannot read but since I read to her daily, she has memorized most all of her books and can read aloud almost verbatim when looking at a particular picture. When she is not reading, she is usually tip-toeing out of bed to find mommy or daddy and ask for a drink, a kiss, a story, a snack, or to make a puzzle. She has a lot of activity going through her brain at all times, thinking, calculating, and wondering. It is great, it means she is bright, but the little one needs to sleep.

Since she was an infant we have had her sleep with ocean or rain sounds playing, so this repetitive and lulling natural sound is soothing to her (and us--as my husband and I are the same way, and listen to ocean waves all night. I was introduced to a cd from a board-certified music therapist named Ryan Judd.  He developed lullabies for babies and young children that are beautiful instrumental guitar compositions that are paired with soothing ocean waves.

Ocean waves are popular for babies as they simulate the womb-like experience that babies fondly remember.  It is calming to them and creates a rhythmic breathing and a restful state.  The ocean sounds continue throughout the entire CD and between tracks.

It is very soothing and it makes my husband fall asleep within minutes when he sits down next to her to read.  I have to make sure the cd is not on too early. :) Of course it also could have to do with him working extra hours the last few weeks (understaffed) at a crazy rate of 55-60 hours in a week.

The music is very calming to my daughter and we play it nearly every night, along with her water sound machine.  We have only tested it a few weeks, but hoping to get her sleep more normalized.

If you would like more information, you can find Ryan Judd's music for babies, children, and adults on Amazon.

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