Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lilla Rose Flexi Hair Clip (Flexi 8)

I am loving my Lilla Rose hair clip. I have the large size, in the gold tone pearl tree of life and adore it.  It unfortunately is too small for me to hold all of my long, thick hair without a few (perhaps my normal amount of 5-10) secure hold bobby pins.  I use this clip as a pretty accent over part of my undo / bun.  I love that it can look like a tree when pointing up, or a feather (in my eyes) when pointing upside down.  The stick part is permanently connected to the flexible part which means I will not have to worry about one part getting misplaced. :)

As you can see, the amount of beads and pearls depend on the flexi clip size.  I do prefer the functionality (fits the best in my hair) of the Mega XXL size as well as the amount of pearls compared to the Large size.  However, I still LOVE my clip and think it will suit me well for other hair styles.

Lilla Rose provided a clip for me to review and this is the size and design I selected.  I was casually speaking with the personal consultant (JoAnn Smolen) and guess what! She sent me a Mega XXL in the design of silver tone fascinating.  It holds my hair in perfectly and I do not need any bobby pins! Wonderful!

Here is what I was sent:

I am a mommy of a 4 year old and 16 month old and so do not have much time for my hair.  I do not really want to cut it, and so I usually pin it up in a bun or some sort of undo.  The flexi is so easy and pretty.  They have a variety of clips and styles to suit any style.  There are various sizes to use based on the length, texture, and thickness of your hair.  It also depends on if you will put all of your hair up or half up / half down.

This video gives you an idea of choosing the best size for your hair.  This picture is also a guideline for making a size selection.

Find Lilla Rose on Facebook and Twitter to see current styles and keep updated on sales.  If you would like to shop with JoAnn who is a personal and individual consultant, here is her Facebook page.  She would love to help you find your own special Lilla Rose Flexi clip.

*I received 2 clips for review, no other compensation was provided other than the clips.

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