Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mamaway Baby Sling Carrier (Ring Sling) Review

I love to baby wear, and have tried various brands over the past few years with 2 little ones.  I was recently sent a ring sling for my honest review and evaluation from Mamaway.  This is my first experience with a ring sling and I hope it is helpful to you in case you are on the lookout for a baby carrier.

I selected the striped anchor print for my little guy, and it is adorable.  I am very fond of nautical themes and find it gender neutral.  I am not fond of the typical boyish baby prints, such as cars/trucks for boys.  I do want to mention that the red anchors are actual more of a coral pinkish red, so those that are afraid of pink toned hues with a boy, this may not be for you.  However, I have 2 pink diaper bags (Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Society Satchels in Raspberry Cream and Strawberry Lace) so I do not mind one bit.  Who carries the bag? Me.  The same with the baby carrier.  :) 

Back to the ring sling.  Made of 100% lightweight cotton, this is a comfortable, breathable wrap for even the hottest summer days.  This wrap is very soft and yet ultra durable.  I was quite impressed when I pulled it out of the package.  I love this carrier and my baby's weight is evenly distributed along my back and shoulders.  I have seen other brands that use lethal rings, however this carrier uses a plastic resin type, I find these rings very sturdy and do not have any concerns of durability or safety.  

I have a small assortment of carriers:  The Moby wrap was my first carrier and I used it with my first child (my daughter).  I loved it at that time, but did not know what I was missing with other styles.  I purchased it because it was so popular, sold in nearly every baby store locally and online, and came in the prettiest shade of Blossom pink.  Sadly it was very long, would drag on the floor and often in a parking lot when I would put it on, and it was not very supportive, when my daughter got closer to a year old, it felt like her weight was not supported, and my shoulders and back would ache after 30 minutes or more.  

I then tried the Ergo when my daughter was a little over a year old (in a pretty Petunia Pickle Bottom print) and loved it for back carry mostly.  My daughter only used this a few months as she began walking more around 14 months and was on the move.   I packed it away and my son now uses it.  He was worn in the front carry position from a few months old until a year old and then we switched to back carry which he really enjoys.  

With my 16 month old gradually getting heavier (even though he is small in height and weight for his age, despite the cherub thighs), the front carry in the Ergo and Moby (and my Boba wrap--yes that is right, it was my third carrier.  If you really want a wrap carrier, I suggest the Boba over the Moby as it is stretchier and I think it is nicer to use) is not much of an option any more.  I also have a 4th carrier that is similar to a generic Moby but it does not get much love at all.  Boba wrap is a step up from the Moby in my opinion as it is stretchier and adjusts better, the material is softer and I love the color of the one I have even more than the Blossom pink (which did show a lot of dirt despite me being militant with keeping it clean). The Ergo is great for us to use on our back when we are going to the zoo, field trip, or a mall / shopping trip with lots of walking.

This Mamaway ring sling is my first of this type (sling/ring).  I do want to mention that rings slings are more expensive than regular wraps.  I personally think that ring slings (or at least this one and others I have seen in person, use nicer fabric and seem sturdier.  I had heard about how popular and loved ring slings were, and seen a few in person, but never had tried. Both Baby and mommy are VERY happy! I love this stripe anchor pattern! As mentioned, it is more of a coral red with a slight pinkish tone on the anchor (but is listed as red anchors through the company). 

This Mamaway sling is sturdy and comfortable---and might I add, very durable and washable!  I had an unfortunate experience involving (TMI alert) a messy diaper while I was at a store carrying him, after cleaning him up, and stowing this in some plastic bags and then in a wet bag, I washed this when we got home. I put it in a delicates/sweater/lingere bag, and washed on cold, gentle, and used Nellies Natural Laundry soap. I hung this to air dry.  It looks as perfect as it did when I got it, except for some wrinkles.  I love this carrier and recommend it. 

*I was sent this as a complimentary review sample and this is my honest review.  I now only use this and my Ergo.

For more information on Mamaway and their products, you can find them on their website, as well as Facebook.

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