Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Great Baby (brand) Breast Pump Review

I am on my third baby that has been exclusively breastfed, and have used a variety of manual and electric breast pumps.  I am not a frequent pumper, but I do like to pump a few times a month to boost my supply as well as keep some excess on hand.  Breast milk is just as they say, "liquid gold" and cures a lot of ailments.

I have used Avent (electric and manual), Aveda Purely Yours, Medela Pump in Style Advanced, and about 5 or so generic ones in electric and manual.  I like Medela the best and can not find one that exceeds its quality and efficiency.  I think Avent is my second choice.  I do love the bottle style of Avent (we have used plastic and glass---with glass being are first choice.)  I was sent a generic manual pump for review that has a similar looking bottle to the Avent (plastic).

It is currently less than $20 (actually less than $15) and might be something to look into if you are in a very limited budget.  I do want to mention that the Avent brand is just under $30.

Here is what the company says about their pump.

Easy Breast Pump is made without any harmful chemicals: BPA or PVC.  (This I appreciate.)

Directly copied from the product info:

"Here are some of the benefits you receive when using the Easy Breast Pump.

-Reduced pain when breasts are overfull
-Recover from pregnancy faster
-Have milk ready when needed
-Save time
-Save money on batteries and electricity
-Extract milk whenever you want wherever you want
-Easy to carry"

I am not sure how it would help with quicker recovery, as I find that having a baby suckle works the best at making the body heal faster and for things to go back to normal.  I agree that using a manual pump is often easier to pack and saves on batteries/electricity.  However I tried using this pump twice and it was sadly disappointing.  I kept getting milk pooling up in the top of the pump and it never went into the bottle.  After reading a few reviews on Amazon, I found that several other users had this same issue and they said their pump was sealed shut.  I am thinking my pump had this issue as well.  Since this is a $15 pump, I cannot give much fault to it, since sometimes you do get what you pay for (except this luckily was sent to me complimentary for review.) I would have been disappointed if I had paid money for it, and would have returned it for a refund.

It is too bad, as having an extra manual pump is something I recommend (having 2-3 manuals actually is pretty great---as you could have one at your parents home, work (if you are a working mom), one in the car, etc.  Since I nurse on demand with the little one and always have a nursing cover, I have only given my new baby expressed milk (in bottles) a few times.  I mainly keep the expressed milk for my older (weaned) toddler for when he is sick (put it in his oatmeal or sippy).

I sadly cannot recommend this pump, and would recommend spending $15 more and getting the Avent manual.

It comes with 2 pouches for milk storage, but I did not find them useful.  I prefer the Lansinoh bags.  The pack came with a pair of quilted cotton breast pads to absorb excess milk.  I currently use wool nursing pads, but before using wool, I used bamboo pads with a pul waterproof backing.  These could potentially get soaked pretty quick.  I personally do not recommend these for nursing.  I have a moderate to heavy let down.

The pump might work for you and at the price, I guess you could always try it and then return it if it is defective.  I do not have many pictures of the pump, I set it up and after losing so much milk and making a mess with it collecting in the top, I honestly got frustrated with it and did not keep trying it out.  Here are a few pictures (stock) and some of the accessories.

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