Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mija Reusable Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads (10 Pack) With Laundry Bag & Travel Wet Bag Review (and my opinion about Wool pads)

I am breastfeeding my third baby.  I have been either pregnant or breastfeeding nonstop in the last 5 1/2 years.  (with some time in-between )  I have tried various baby products and have formed a few opinions of what I feel works for me and what does not work.  I love natural fibers, organics, "green" items, handmade, diy, and the like whenever possible.  I used disposable nursing pads for only a few short weeks with my first child, until I realized that I was wasting money, making more trash, as well as using uncomfortable products on my tender areas.  When you are sore from a baby who is cluster feeding, or you are experiencing dryness or tenderness, you do not want something scratchy or itchy.  Disposable nursing pads almost feel like wearing a disposable maxi pad liner, and when they get wet they often swell and leak.  I had made the switch early on to bamboo / cotton pads and loved the way they felt and how they seemed to work better than disposables.  I still have the original 8 pairs I had special made by a gal on Etsy.  I have used those and like them.  I now mainly use wool (100% merino or cashmere) as wool is breathable, natural and holds up to 30% its weight in liquid.  I have some gigantic (seriously), but wonderful quality LanaCare Ekstra (very thick merino) that are very full coverage at 9 inches across.  They obviously fill up my bra, but are very soothing to my chest and help with the flow of milk as well as supremely absorbent.  I love using wool, we cloth diaper and have about 90% of our cloth diaper covers (for both little ones) as wool now.  We are phasing out our PUL, well except for the few limited edition pul covers we have from Blueberry as some just are too cute to pass up.  Wool is pretty magical, even when wet it feels warm.  I purchased one nursing pad set in the  9 inch Large size as it is less noticeable through clothing and also soothing to the body.  I had someone on etsy make me 2 green pairs in a 7 inch size from a merino sweater.  

I do still use cotton nursing pads and when given the request for a review of some bamboo / pul nursing pads, I decided to try them.  They are much smaller than I have been using, however are pretty standard size for most users.  The nursing pads are made of organic bamboo fiber with a pul backing.  I was sent a colorful set of bamboo nursing pads (Mija brand) that came with a small wet bag/storage bag and laundry bag.  After washing and drying on low heat, the bamboo is soft and and absorbs fairly well.  These are thin and lightweight, with no worry of showing through clothing.  The waterproof PUL layer makes these waterproof.  

I found these pads to work fine as they were intended, but they are not my favorite to use daily.  I keep these in our car as spares.  I much prefer the warmth and better breathability of wool pads.  

I do however love the included Laundry Bag & Travel Wet Bag.  This set comes with a mesh laundry bag (somewhat padded and thick) to prevent your nursing pads from getting lost in the laundry, as well as a small chevron print wet bag which makes it super convenient to keep extra pads with you on the go.  I do not use the wet bag for my nursing pads.  I like to keep it in my diaper bag to store small teething toys or you could put a pacifier in it.  It would also fit a small baby / toddler spoon and fork.  The mesh bag is great for washing the nursing pads, as well as baby socks!  Now you can keep those tiny socks from being eaten by the machine (so many lost, mis-matched tiny socks).

The mesh bag is very nice quality, and the zipper runs smoothly.  I love the wide zipper pull that makes it easy (and ergonomic) to close the bag securely.  There is a piece of elastic to keep the sipper in place when washing.

I love using reusable pads instead of continuously purchasing itchy, expensive disposables.  This set would be a great gift for someone who you know is (or will be) feeding their little one naturally.  Although I prefer wool pads,  most users will love this set.  Wool is something that takes getting used to and for the casual user, these pads are pretty great.  I find the price reasonable for what you get.  You can now toss your used pads in the washing machine and  save money by reusing them, while also being environmentally conscious.

These were sent to me for my honest opinion.  I recommend them if you are looking for reusable pads at a good price, however I find the mesh bag and pul bag are the stars of the set.  

Package Includes:
- 10x Nursing Pads
- 1x Laundry Bag
- 1x Travel Wet Bag

Please forgive my terrible, absolutely no flash, low cell phone battery, low lighting, pictures that were taken at way too late o' clock at night....first see the happier stock pictures!

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