Saturday, October 8, 2016

Eco Friendly Basic Changing Pad by Piperoos (Review)

I use cotton and other natural fiber / fabric materials when possible. I like using products that are healthy for my family and for the environment. I also find that natural products seem more durable and perform better than synthetics. We are avid cloth diaper users and 2 of my 3 children are currently in cloth. 

I have been using a Piperoos brand cotton changing pad for the past 2 months and like it a lot. (It was sent to me complimentary for evaluation). I have used PUL backed changing pads in the past  (perhaps you have seen my neon orange one in past pictures--if not, here is my baby when he was first in cloth diapers and very new to the world and I have used the bright orange one in the following pictures as a good color background for these new pads---spoiler alert FOXES!) and while they (PUL items) do keep the liquid from getting on the changing pad mattress and wooded changing table, they are not breathable and they tend to break down quicker as they do not fair well in the dryer with multiple uses. 

I much prefer cotton, bamboo, or wool.  

Piperoos sent me a 3 pack of their cotton flannel pads.  The packaging is a lovely eco-friendly thin cardboard and looks ultra classy.  It would be a beautiful new baby gift!  And foxes! Yay!  We are big fox lovers here and so this is just perfect.  This set is truly gender neutral.  

I realize that the middle pad is polka dots and does have lavender purple, but our master bedroom is lavender (this same shade really) and since the changing area is in the master bedroom (along with our 2 young boys---small old 100 year old house with not enough bedrooms---frustrating and cramped) I feel the Piperoos color scheme in this set is so nice.  

Here is the boxed set before opening, notice it is on the PUL (not my favorite choice) liner pad just for a pop of color.  

These eco-friendly pads are made of 100% organic cotton flannel and are nice and thick.  They can be used around the house (changing table, or even on the couch---with a newborn or young baby it happens) or on-the-go changes in a public changing area (malls, restaurants, gas stations---yuck).   Luckily these are easy to wash.  I have not taken these to a public place as I use our laminated/oil cloth changing pad for travel.  

Each Piperoos pad is 19 x 13.5 inches.  I like how these come in 3 packs as well as 5 packs.  There are elephant patterned pads as well.  :) 

The pads are a nice thickness and actually fluff up more after their first washing and machine dry (I use low heat and wool dryer balls).  Here is the pad before washing.  The colors are bright and the stitching is precise.  Notice how it is sewn with a smaller square reinforcement in the middle.

I appreciate how their labeling is simple, attractive, and in the corner so that it does not irritate baby.

I love the softness of these pads.  I do like to use a small hospital type cotton "piddle pad" on top to protect it for now while my young baby is still in the breastfed poo stage as the unexpected can happen.  Look at the lime green cashmere wool longie!  So soft!

My 2 year old son, freshly changed, in his orange wool longies sitting on the Piperoos pad.  Please excuse the wet sippy cup water spots on his shirt.

Let's all appreciate the happily sunning organic cloth Green Mountain Workhorse diapers!

 Ah, fresh clean diapers ready to be put away! 

Armed and ready with homemade bottom balm (made by me), fresh cotton diaper, room spray, baby brush, and awesome vintage diaper pins.  (true vintage diaper pins are highly recommend over the modern diaper pins or even worse, Snappis--I am not fond of Snappis at all.)

Here is a picture of the difference of a washed and dried Piperoos pad with one from the package (unused, unwashed).  I noticed some shrinkage, but that is normal.  Our cotton diapers quilt up and get all fluff and absorbent after a few washes.  The turquoise blue pad is the unwashed one, while the fox one on top was washed and dried.  The colors are still lovely and I did not notice any fading or threads coming undone.  

I really like this set of pads and highly recommend them.  I feel that these are quality made and will last with normal daily use.  To learn more, you can find these on the company website.  

Piperoos is on Facebook!  Follow them to learn about new items.

**This was sent to me for review, I was not compensated for this post, other than receiving a complimentary set of 3 pads for this evaluation.  All views expressed in this review are my own.**

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