Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Snug StoolEase Detachable Toilet Stool - 9 inch Bathroom Step Review

My husband had major surgury about 8 years ago and ever since his stomach and bowel area has given him issues.  He suffers from acid reflux and stomach pains several times per week and has tried a variety of etc medications and diets.

After watching a humorous video of a popular bowel and bathroom product intended to assist with elimination (if you have seen it, you will agree it is equally embarrassing, gross, yet humorous at the same time--even though I am NOT a potty humor person at all).  Unicorns, who knew? I had thought about ordering the product for him but never took the plunge.

Apparently when you sit on a regular toilet, the colon is curved unnaturally which makes it hard to go to the bathroom.  Using the toilet with your feet and knees elevated is supposed to assist with getting things moving.  The video I mentioned above mentions a stool that can benefit the colon.

Recently I was given the opportunity to review a similar product from another company.  I decided to have him try it.  When it arrived, it looked very similar to the other brand, except this one came in separate pieces that needed to snap into place.  It was not difficult to assemble, however you have to make sure you align the pieces into the tracks and edges perfectly as well as make sure you use enough force to snap them together.  I was concerned that I would break / crack the plastic as it was somewhat bendable.  I had to readjust the pieces a few times, but was able to assemble.  The other brand was one entire piece of plastic and comes in 2 different heights.

With the stool you can return to the more natural squatted position.  When you sit on a regular toilet, the colon is actually curved unnaturally and this makes it hard to pass stools.

With the StoolEase you can return to the more natural squatted position, which makes things move along easier.  This product, is called "StoolEase" and also referred to as "Snug." It measures 9'', and the manufacture says you can use it with any toilet - both standard toilets that measure 14"-15.5" and comfort height toilets that measure 16"-18".  My husband likes this product, but he says he would have preferred the option of a 7 inch height, as he felt his knees and legs were too far elevated.  We do have the taller toilets, and he says if our toilets were the shorter ones, he would have been even more uncomfortable.  The product is a great idea and although I would have preferred it to have been one piece instead of needing assembled, I think the company needs to have the 7 inch option as well.

The StoolEase comes in two colors: white and grey.  It has a compact, space-saving design which allows you to take it apart for storage and portability if you want.  I do not see our family packing this for a hotel trip or anything, but some users might need it so much that they want to travel with the stool, which is convenient I agree.  I do want to mention that I personally rather clean one entire piece than be concerned about getting into the crevices.  I clean this with a disinfectant cloth wipe.  I do like this product and recommend you try it as it may help if you have bowel issues.  The price is very reasonable, at just under $20.  (most OTC stomach medications are this price).  

This is available on Amazon. It was sent to me complimentary for my evaluation and review. I was not compensated other than receiving the tester product at no cost.

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