Monday, June 20, 2016

Bamboo Charcoal Microfiber Diaper Inserts (with gussets) Review

Being a cloth diapering family, we like trying several options for the various needs of our children. We have a 5 year old who has been 100% potty trained during the day for a few years now, but has bed wetting accidents a few times a week. We also have a 2 year old who is still in cloth diapers full time, but is starting to notice he is wet / soiled and tries to take his diaper off on his own every now an then. Lastly, have a newborn who is currently in disposables for a few more weeks until we transition him to cloth diapers full time.

I have tried several methods for cloth diapering, ranging in different fabrics and types. There are so many choices out there when it comes to cloth, and I recommend trying various styles and materials before deciding on what you want to use. I personally like having a wide range of options on hand to use, based on age of my child, where they are with their potty training, and how long they will be wearing the diaper before the next diaper change, etc. Long car trips, overnight, or nap times often need more absorbency. Older babies/toddlers or bed wetters need something that will keep them drier longer with incredible absorption. Sometimes I want a trimmer diaper, and sometimes, I just like switching things up with various methods and styles just for the sake of having cute diaper options. :)

I have tried pockets diapers that have various types of inserts, prefolds, fitted and covers, flats, and the list goes on. I started out with microfiber inserts that came with my Bum Genius one sized snap pocket diapers. We used bare microfiber with my first child before branching out to hemp and bamboo cotton inserts. The beauty of pocket diapers is that you can stuff it with most any type of insert (even prefolds can be used) and you can easily increase absorbency.  I never was a fan of the bare microfiber inserts as they always attracted lint and hair, as well as felt scratchy on my skin when I would pull it out of the dryer.  Microfiber is also more prone to stink issues, however, it absorbed so well, that I would continue using it. With my second child I found inserts that had charcoal bamboo over the microfiber, and I found those to be much more pleasant to handle and use.  Bamboo is breathable, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and antifungal, so there is less stink, and the charcoal resists staining as well as feels so soft.  I was recently sent a review pack of 6 charcoal bamboo inserts from Baby Tooshy on Amazon.

These inserts are made with 5 layers, and since the inside is thirsty microfiber, they absorb liquids quickly, holding as much as 8oz of liquid.  What sets these apart from other similar ones I have tried in the past is the double layered gussets that the inserts have, as they are designed to curve around baby's bottom.  I find that they fit well into my pocket diapers.  I also like using them as extra absorbency in my 5 year old's Super Undies (bed wetting pants).  We use the cotton night time style with her, and have decided to use these inserts full time.  She does not have an accident every night, however, I like the fact that these give me added peace of mind and her bed always remains dry, and that makes me happy.

To prepare these fully before the first use, I washed these separately in my washer about 6 times in hot water and a small amount of cloth diaper safe detergent to increase the absorbency.

While I much prefer 100% natural inserts and materials, I do like using these inserts and recommend them.  They have been washed numerous times in the last month and still remain soft.  I do want to mention that they do get white lint on them occasionally from our cloth baby wipes / wash cloths.  I did notice that after washing I did have one have some loose threading, but it did not unravel the seam or cause any fraying.  They are holding up well otherwise.  I have not noticed any stink issues or repelling of liquids.

These were sent to me complimentary for review, and this is my honest evaluation and opinion.  No other compensation other than the 6 free inserts and 1 wash cloth were provided.

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