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Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale Touch II with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection: Review

I have never owned a kitchen scale. Secretly I have wanted one, but never thought I would actually use it. I also knew that with our current home (a 100 year old, country home with a tiny eat in kitchen and small (and already full with appliances) counter tops) we really couldn't and shouldn't place one on the counter for fear of losing remaining precious space. I learned about the Ozeri company a few months ago when I was reviewing their body bathroom scale. I was blown away by the style, durability of materials, and precision of that scale. It was a beauty to place in our bathroom and I adore that scale. It is super easy to read and looks super classy. When I found out the company had a kitchen scale, I knew I wanted to review it and was so overjoyed when I got the opportunity. I knew I wanted the kitchen scale to be white. Not only does it match our vintage pink, green and white kitchen, but I always am a fan of white electronic devices. Classy.

The Ozeri Digital Kitchen Scale Touch II with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection comes in black or white and can handle up to 11.2 pounds for weighing food in the kitchen. It is slim in profile and about 1/2" high. It reminds me of a small ipad or tablet. It is very easy to store, and is a space saver. Mine is white with a large blue backlit LCD screen that displays weight in pounds, kilograms, grams, and ounces. It includes 2 Lithium batteries, which is great because don't we all hate it when we order something, get all excited to use it, then it arrives without batteries and you of course never have the size you need readily on hand? Other neat features are the low battery and overload indicators. This scale automatically turns off after 2 minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life.

The Microban protection is a fantastic aspect of the scale as those who weigh any type of meat/fish would want to take extra care with preventing transfer of salmonella and ecoli, and other nasty germies. (make sure to obviously wipe with disinfectant wipes in between uses as well) The scale is permanently treated with Microban and works for the lifetime of the scale, to maintain surface cleanliness. According to what I have read recently, bacteria can double every 20 minutes on an unprotected surface...frightening. The Microban is built into the scale, so it does not wipe off. The scale's smooth, sturdy, tempered glass surface is very easy to clean between uses. We usually disinfect everything with Clorox wipes, and this makes it very convenient. It is nice that there aren't any crevices on the surface where juices or food remnants would hide.

It has an automatic Tare button that quickly calculates the net weight of your ingredients by subtracting the container weight, (bowl, tray, plate, sippy cup, etc.) for the net ingredient weight. So you would weigh the container or bowl, scale remembers and sets that to zero, then you would put the food or liquid in the container, and weigh the food in the container without adding weight of container. This is helpful for those who are on a diet and need to control portions or calories, as well as those who are baking/cooking. My husband like to buy our hamburger meat / and steak in bulk and then separate it into small packs to freeze, so this is handy for him. Weighing food in recipes means no variations in measurements for accuracy. Such as if you are putting flour or sugar in a measuring cup and it is tightly packed vs. being in the same measuring cup loosely put in. The only issue I had when using the tare and on/off button was I would have preferred the on/off button be farther away from the tare button and perhaps a tad bigger.

When I was testing this out, I realized the best way to keep things as accurate as possible is to keep the ingredients in the center for consistent reading. At first I was putting the scale on my vintage red and white pin dot cotton place mats to look artsy for the photos, and then I realized that a few of the times it had the message “unSt”, which at first confused me. I realized that the scale will detect if it is not on a stable surface and register unSt if the base is unstable. This was similar to when I tested out the Ozeri body weight scale on my bathroom rug. I weighed considerably less and although I liked that previous weight better, I wanted accuracy so moved it to my bathroom tile and the scale was right on the dot with my accurate weight. So remember to always use the kitchen scale on a completely flat surface.

My most favorite use for this scale is the fact that I can use it to weigh letters and small packages. I sell a lot of things in my etsy shop (mainly first class and priority in small packages) and this scale is super convenient to have downstairs and not have to go up the somewhat steep steps to weight something in the office. I am in my third trimester of pregnancy and not a fan of frequent stair climbing. We have a cheapy plastic postage scale that I have had for years that is bulky and plugs into the wall. It is an ugly ole thing in dark blue and takes up space. I am super happy to be able to use this shiny white, slim, classy and accurate kitchen scale for weighing packages. The Ozeri scale actually came with a US postal first class rate guide---for sending out packages. Aren't they clever and so very thoughtful? They already knew I would need it! There is also the owners manual and a super helpful food calorie guide.

I really am loving this scale and think that it is made well. It appears to be something that will last a long time and get lots of use. If you are interested in a kitchen scale or even just a nice postage scale, this may be the product for you. The surface area of this scale is nice. When comparing this slim, small profile kitchen scale to my bulkier old postal scale, this scale takes up less room, does not need to be plugged in, and yet has more surface area to weigh my packages while still being able to see the lcd display.

I was sent this scale to review in exchange for my honest opinion. I do not always review products with such positivity. If I like something it will be known, but if I find issues, or problems with an item, or if I feel improvements need to be made, I will mention them. I feel that reviews of products should always be truthful and sincere, as it helps potentially interested buyers of a product learn what to expect and to see it it is a good fit for them before purchase. Reviews also help the actual product and company to improve when needed. If you found this review interesting or helpful, please rate it as such, and or comment. I enjoy writing reviews and like to know if I was helpful.

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