Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Orthopedic Knee Pillow Review

I have had back pain the majority of my life. I toss and turn most nights and wake up with back pain 85% of the time. I generally sleep on my side with a pillow in between my knees and one clutched under one arm, near my chest. I sleep with the other arm under my head and pillow. I have tried various pillows and back support products over the years. I tested one particular pillow this month to provide a short review for you. I was sent a contoured knee pillow from ComfiLife on Amazon.

ComfiLife Knee Pillow is memory foam material and ergonomically designed to provide spinal alignment and support.  It is a product that can potentially help various users with back pain, sciatica, hip or joint pain.  It would also be helpful to pregnant mommies as well.

I like that it has a zippered cover/case that is machine washable.  I have not yet tried washing my sample.  It feels soft to the touch and looks quality made.  I do think it is rather small and could be wider.  I tried this for about 2 weeks and although it works well in aligning my hips and relieving pressure, I am so used to using a large micropedic pillow between my knees and found this to be a chore to keep between my knees through the entire night since I frequently move around.   I generally like to sleep on my right side and have a jumbo Homemedics micropedic pillow between my knees and at my chest.  

I appreciate that the ComiLife pillow keeps its shape, it is just not as comfortable as using a wide, standard head pillow between my knees.  I still recommend this if you have not been using anything else previously (and are not previously attached to a wider pillow).  I do think I will keep it for travel as I never seem to bring my own (knee and chest) pillows with me as taking 3 pillows just for me (in addition to my husband's and 2 older children's pillows would not be feasible on space.  

I like this knee pillow for its structure, material, and high-quality construction.  I would love it to be slightly longer.  I can fit my legs in there just fine with no issue, I just like a larger space as I fall asleep better.  

This pillow was sent as a complimentary review sample.  

Please excuse the dark cell phone pictures taken at almost midnight.  I had about 4 or 5 bright and sunny (daylight) pictures of this pillow on my made bed with a pretty peachy pink crocheted vintage throw pillow next to it.  I thought I took them on my cell phone, but sadly it was on my husband's phone and we had to delete a whole bunch of pictures in order to have space for more family pictures for this week.  We are both dangerously close on storage space.  I gave him the go ahead to delete my review photos and I did not realize these were on there.  Phooey.  :( Oh well, at least you get the idea.  

This is indeed a nice pillow.  The material of the pillow case is soft and nice quality.  I do worry about how to get it on and on when it does come time to wash.  

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