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Brooklyn Bean Roastery 40 ct. Sampler of Kcup Coffee Review and Giveaway!

I had the opportunity to review a coffee k-cup variety pack from Brooklyn Bean Roastery.  This is a 40 ct. pack of kcups that contains a delicious and top quality assortment of light roast, flavored, medium and bold coffee varieties.  These arrive in a sturdy cardboard box that looks nice enough to sit on your counter. 

Right now I am enjoying an iced coffee (Coney Island Caramel) as I write this post.  

This is how I prepared my coffee for ultimate happiness...

I brew the deliciously decadent brew into my favorite Mucky Duck mug (have you ever been there? It is a great classic spot for good eatin’ if you are ever vacationing in Florida…)  

I then get a tall glass (I am fond of the vintage and sadly discontinued, Pom Wonderful glasses) and fill with ice,  then I added Coconut Vanilla Almond milk and Pure (completely non alcoholic---yes they DO make it) Vanilla Extract.   I finish this with a stainless steel straw (serious frost factor here—get some of these straws!) and sip away. 

Now, if you are able to wait for your coffee goodness (sometimes I am patient, and remember to do this important step the night before) you can brew a kcup of a favorite flavored (or non flavored) variety, pour the coffee into a silicone ice cube tray mold and the next morning have wonderful coffee igloo bricks to put into the blender.  This makes a blended ice treat that will rock your morning I assure you, and it is cheaper than a barista drink.  Doing it this way is highly recommended, as the coffee is cold and not watered down by any ice when the hot lava coffee is added. Coffee then gets watered down and is not as strong, hence why my glass (below on the table with gnome and pig looking onward) is a tad watery and thin.  But trust me, it still is delicious as I write this. 

I then add in 1% milk or as Almond Milk (today was the Vanilla Almond / Coconut milk) and I blend until thick and the consistency of a milk shake, and then pour into a glass. I like to top it with either some dark or semi-sweet chocolate chips or pure cacao powder. 

Today I went with simple and poured over ice (or as I call it quiet, yet still delicious). The 2 little ones were asleep and since the kitchen is in the middle of the house and between both bedrooms (of our small, 100 year old vintage Craftsman Cottage with thin walls) I really did not want to risk waking them with my Ninja Blender.  (My 5 year old RARELY takes a nap).  I enjoy both methods of cold coffee. 

I do enjoy a hot cup o java at times (in beautiful, never boring beige, AKA lots of creamer), but mainly iced in some sort of way.  My husband enjoys his coffee hot all year round (lava hot shall we say?) and has about 2-3 cups each day.  He drinks his coffee with 2 Splenda packets and some creamer in his pinecone (artist printed) pottery mug (I found it for him on Etsy a few years back).  It is in the dishwasher currently, otherwise I would snap a picture for you.  

The Brooklyn Bean 40 kcup variety is a great way to familiarize with the brand and flavors, giving you an idea of what your favorites are.  I love how you can get an entire box of 40 in one flavor if you so choose.  My husband enjoys the breakfast / light roast blends and medium varieties best.  We both like flavored coffees with his favorite being Hazelnut and Oh Fudge.  

Hazelnut is, as you would hope, slightly sweet and nutty.  Oh Fudge is a chocolate lovers dream, it is creamy with chocolate rich decadent undertones but will not fluff up your waistline.  This box also contains Express-O, which is just as it sounds, it is an Expresso roast, (extra bold/dark) and will give you a boost if you are sluggish and sleepy.  My husband needs extra caffeine brews when it is late at night (or dark) and he is trying to drive the family home.  He seems so sleep deprived most of the time that the moment it is even slightly dark (even as early as 6:30 pm in the winter evenings, he will get droopy eyed, and scarily not safe to drive).  My favorites are the Coney Island Caramel, Oh Fudge, and the sweet spark of spice infused, Cinnamon Subway, but really, you cannot go wrong with any of these that Brooklyn Beans has chosen for this sampler.  Nothing is dull or bitter.  

I have had the pleasure of sampling and reviewing this company in the past, and they are nothing short of fantastic.  Brooklyn Beans uses the highest quality of 100% Arabica coffee beans.  They use the "Revolutionary Roast2Cup" processing for extra freshness and premium flavor.  This guarantees you a freshly brewed cup every time.  I love how they are proudly crafted in the USA.  These compatible with your Keurig K-Cup coffee machines, including the new 2.0 version. 

In this 40 ct. variety you receive a happy mix of brews.  When I have reviewed samplers from this company in the past, I notice it is often a random assortment, and so when you re-purchase, you may get more of a certain flavor than others.  I have not really found this an issue, as I never have actually counted how many I have gotten of certain varieties.  My husband usually dig into the box as soon as the mailman delivers it.  (Hence the fact I was not so careful in opening the handy dispenser tab at the bottom--oops, it tore a bit.  It still sure is a pretty box of brews!  

The company has sponsored a FREE giveaway to one of my lucky readers.  If you are the winner, you will get a 40 ct. sampler GRATIS! Too cool right? The giveaway begins March 25th.  

Breakfast Blend 
Boardwalk Blend-light roast
Colombian Blend-medium roast
Brooklyn Bridge Blend-medium roast
Corner Donut Shop-medium roast extra bold
French Roast-dark roast
Cyclone-dark roast
Fuhgeddaboutit-dark roast extra bold
Express o-espresso roast
Oh Fudge
Maple Sleigh
Coney Island Caramel
Cinnamon Subway
Vanilla Skyline

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