Thursday, March 10, 2016

Loofah Bath Sponge Lace Set by Shower Bouquet Review

*Shower Bouquet sent me a 4 pack of their lace bath puffs to review and this is my honest opinion, please also note that this was a sponsored post.  The following is my own personal experience.*  

I have used a shower puff for several years, probably nearing 15 years or more (obviously not the same one! ha!).  I find that they assist whatever body wash or soap I am using to create more lather.  Since I have been sulfate free for about 3 years or more, the soaps I use are generally lower in lather and frothy goodness since they do not contain chemical detergents and sulfates.

I realize that foam and suds are not what get you clean, but it is a nice experience to have some foam when cleansing my body.  My 2 children and I use castile soap mainly for our body, and I occasionally use a natural, skin nourishing saponified coconut oil, shea butter soap (I like Nubian Heritage Coconut and Papaya Soap as well as homemade soaps from small business owners on Etsy).  

There is a lady on Ebay (Special Needs Natural Soaps) that really has some fantastic soaps, and she uses higher quality oils and botanical ingredients.  Please note, neither company knows I am endorsing them, and I have purchased their soaps full price and keep returning.  They are just fantastic products.

Getting natural based soaps to foam up in my hand or while washing my body with the bar, is not generally a overly sudsy experience, and so I am loving using a bath puff.  I was recently sent a 4 pack of lace ones which was a new experience for me.  The company is Shower Bouquet.  They actually look exactly like the mesh ones I have purchased in the past, however they have a lace edge that is meant for extra exfoliation and a bit of extra luxury.

I like how these are soft enough for our whole family, yet still give us a satisfactory clean.  I use the blue one on our almost 2 year old toddler son.  My 5 year old daughter has the purple one, mine is the pink, and my husband uses the yellow one.

I like the appearance of them and they seem to work well.  I am not fond of the ribbon loop handle as I do prefer a rope for extra security when held and durability.  These are said to be a large size puff, but I did not find them to be any larger than ones I have used previously.  I still use this daily and it has not unraveled or become damaged.  I have not yet put it into the washing machine so I cannot comment on how it will hold up (I always wash my shower puffs in a delicates/bra bag in the wash once per month or more frequently when needed.)

To learn more about this product, you can find the company on Facebook.  These lace puffs are available on Amazon.   Shower Bouquet sent me a 4 pack to review and this is my honest opinion, this was a sponsored post.

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