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HappyEndings "Night, Night" Micro Fleece All In One Cloth Diaper "Airborne" (Airplanes) Review

Today I have another fantastic cloth diaper to review for you.  It is very similar to the previous Night Night AIO diaper I reviewed from Happy Endings, however this one has a Micro Fleece lining instead of the Charcoal Bamboo Fleece.

This is a classy diaper.  I am not one to select overly boyish prints for my son as I prefer neutral colors and patterns, but this one stood out to me.  It is not the typical cartoony or babyish looking airplane print, but more retro and artsy in my opinion.  The airplanes almost look like colorful sketches of airplanes.  I could even perhaps see a girl baby or toddler wearing this if her parent worked on an airline (flight attendant or pilot) or perhaps if the family liked to travel a lot.  Or perhaps because she loves planes.  It is a nice looking print and while it is more likely a boyish print, it could potentially be neutral.

I do like the charcoal bamboo lining of the Night Night diapers, as they seem to repel staining and stink as well as seem exceptionally easy to plop off the messes into the toilet (sorry not sure of a more polite or inconspicuous way to describe what us cloth diapering parents do on a daily basis).  However lately I have had some issues with an excessive amount of white lint stuck on my charcoal lining diapers lately.  I am not sure if it is the fact that we have cloth wash cloth wipes in the same load or what, but the lint only accumulates on the diaper linings that are charcoal.  It is strange as most of our inserts are charcoal bamboo / microfiber and the inserts themselves never have lint on them.  It it not a big deal, it just sometimes gets overloaded with lint and I use my sticky roller to remove.  My only thought is perhaps there is lint on the inserts and then it is removed in the dryer.  Not completely sure.  Anyway, other than that, I like the charcoal lining diapers a lot.  But that aside, it is nice that this diaper did not have a lint issue.  I do like the softness of this lining.

In case you are not familiar with an AIO diaper, I will give you a brief overview.  This particular one from Happy Endings has adjustable 3x3 snaps + hip snaps (yay for hip snaps), fits babies 8-35 lbs. and gentle double elastic around the legs prevents messes.  I really must suggest double elastics no matter what brand of diaper you get.  I cannot believe so many diaper brands will make a diaper and have regular leg openings.  Especially in the first year when babies may be on all liquids and have those really messy poos.  Trust me it is no fun to have leaking into a carseat or crib, etc.

As mentioned above, these have a very soft, white, stay-dry micro fleece inner lining which is gentle on baby bottoms and is necessary to prevent rashes due to wetness from wearing extended times such as overnight.  This diaper has an absorbent, yet trim 4 layer soaker (2 layers of bamboo terry/2 layers of microfiber) which is sewn-into this diaper.  This makes it convenient for daytime use without having to stuff.  For heavy wetters or for overnight, you can then add an insert into the pocket.  I often will put in a hemp/cotton insert into my Night Night diaper for added absorption (you can find them here from Happy Endings on Amazon).  Happy Endings does include a charcoal bamboo covered microfiber insert with this diaper.

As with all Happy Ending pocket diapers, this diaper has a waterproof strip on the tummy, for leak protection, which is helpful for us as both my children are tummy sleepers and my youngest is a little boy. :)  This diaper has been great and has not had any leaking.  Here are some pictures of it so you can bask in the cuteness of the print.  (Please note, my pictures are of the diaper before I washed it, I generally take photos while the diaper is still fresh and crisp to allow you to see what it will look like when it arrives.  If any fading or loss of stitching, or any failing of craftsmanship occurs for any of my review diapers, I would then take additional pictures to show any issues.) 

Just look at this diaper!

The softness!

As I have mentioned in my previous reviews of AIO diapers, since it really is not recommended to machine dry pul / diapers/covers, hanging up and air drying is the way to go.  However it will take most likely 10-12 hours to fully dry so i suggest turning them inside out like this before hanging.  

I really like this diaper and it really works well for us.  I have not had any issues with Happy Endings diapers.  The company is family owned and is available to answer any questions or assist with any issues.  For more information, you can find them on Facebook and visit their website.

Thank you to Happy Endings for sending this diaper for my honest review and evaluation.  I have tested this for a month with no issues.  I was not compensated for this post, nor did I promise a positive review.  I am a seasoned cloth diapering mommy and have experienced many types of cloth diapers and brands, so I know what works for us personally and what does not.  I have also experienced some cheaply made diapers in the past.  Happy Endings is a diaper brand I do recommend.

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