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"HappyEndings "Night Night" Charcoal Bamboo AIO (All in One)" Review (Mustaches!)

I am pregnant with my third child, and there is no doubt in my mind that we will also use cloth diapers for this new baby as well.  I started using cloth on my daughter (first baby) when she was 3 months, and from then on we have been cloth diapering ever since.  I feel that cloth diapering is gentler on my children (disposables give them rashes and chemical burns), more cost effective, cuter (fluffy bottoms are adorable and prints and colors are so much nicer than the typical styles disposables bring, and I feel it is also a labor of love as well (seriously, when I am cleaning the messiest of poo diapers (spraying, swishing in the toilet with my bare hands, meticulously laundering with the proper diaper soap, I am reminded of this.)  

Starting out in the cloth diapering world, it can become overwhelming.  There are many brands and styles and it can easily get even more difficult to decide when so many brands have cute and alluring styles and patterns.  Should you make your decision by price? Do you read reviews? (yes, always, especially when it comes to diapers which will be a big investment at first)

I had the opportunity to test out a few cloth diapers from Happy Endings.   The company sells on Amazon and their own website.  If you have Amazon Prime shipping, then you can have your diapers to you in 2 days!  

They are affordably priced, durable diapers with amazing patterns, and there are so many options to choose depending on your and your baby's needs.  

The first type of Happy Endings diaper I will tell you about is the overnight, heavy wetter AIO charcoal diaper.  I have reviewed a few of these now and here is our experience.  This diaper is called "HappyEndings "Night Night" Charcoal Bamboo AIO (All in One)" and has an absorbent sewn-in 4 layer soaker insert.  This is a pocket diaper and comes with a charcoal bamboo covered microfiber insert.  This particular diaper print is called "MUSTACHIOED." 

This is a beautiful champagne color with black and white mustache pattern.

The Night Night diapers have been tested for a month on my 19 month old and well washed.  Here is our wash routine and some suggestions.

To prep this diaper (and all our diapers) I washed on hot 5-6 times before use.  It is possible to prep this diaper less, however, I highly suggest the extra washes as this diaper has natural materials which contain oils that could lessen the absorbency and perhaps cause some mild repelling.  My baby has used this diaper frequently and we wash every night or every other night.  I do 2 full wash (hot) cycles (each with a cold rinse) and then a final (third) cold rinse.  I wash with Nellie's Natural Laundry Powder and a large pouch of soap nuts).  

I hang the diapers to dry on my IKEA red octopus hanger and dry the inserts on low to medium heat on the dryer (no dryer sheets) with 6-8 wool dryer balls.  The thing to note about this diaper is that since it is a sewn in insert (inside the pocket) it will take LONGER to dry.  Normally, my regular pocket diapers and covers take a short 8 hours / over night when hung immediately after washing on medium spin (we have a high efficiency washer without an agitator in the middle).  Please do not machine dry your diapers, even if you have always done it, or have been told you can do it.  It will wear the diapers out faster and the heat can change the effectiveness of the leg elastic and the pul (water proof material).

This diaper needs to be turned inside out and then hung to dry.  It will most likely need 10-12 hours to dry when hung.  But to be honest, most cloth diaper users know that it is necessary to have at the very least, 24 cloth diapers to have enough to wash every other day (prolonging to wash longer than 3 days can cause some serious ammonia stink and set in stains) so for our family, we have other diapers that can be used while this one is drying.

How this diaper is beneficial / different than others in our stash:

This Happy Endings diaper is cute, but also functional and well designed.  I like having the option to put this in my diaper bag as a quick, already stuffed, diaper for on the go.  I also like how I can add an additional insert for increasing absorbency.  This is a fantastic night time option as well as perfect for long distance car rides when baby falls asleep.  

The charcoal covered microfiber insert on this diaper is fluffier / thicker than my other charcoal bamboo / microfiber inserts, and while some may not like the added bulk, I welcome it.  My little one drinks a lot of water and so is quite a heavy wetter.  This "night night" insert is slightly larger / wider as well.  If you buy on the company's website you can select to have a hemp insert instead (for an upcharge).  I personally prefer hemp/cotton inserts to the microfiber, but either selection is a fine choice.  

This diaper has has a sewn in 4 Layer soaker cream colored insert (2 layers of bamboo/2 layers of microfiber) as mentioned above.  I love the inner lining on this diaper.  It is a deep grey which not only makes it stain resistant, but the charcoal bamboo fleece is antimicrobial and antibacterial.  It is gentle on baby's skin as it does not keep wetness against their skin (which would cause rashes).

I love the gentle fold over elastic / double leg gussets.  Crazily enough, not all brand of diapers have this.  (They really should.)  

In my diaper reviews, I tend to compare these with brands I have (which are mainstream brands that other cloth diaper users might be wanting comparisons on as well). Our Bum Genius diapers do not have gussets, and this is the reason my love for Bum Genius has fizzled a bit  (I still love them, but they really need to improve the line with gussets).  Unfortunately when Bum Genius came out with their newest version 5, gussets were not among the ever so slight improvements. *fail* :(

I have had some serious messes at the most undesirable times and places with my Bum Genius (at the eye doctor when I had both children and my husband was getting his eye checked and the bathrooms did not have changing tables, only a small sink and I had to put a blanket on the floor and lay baby on it.)  I would have been protected with gussets.  I also wish BG would improve their elastics, as even with normal, gentle, non bleach, non drier use, the elastics generally loosen and need replacing (by hand) after about 6 months to a year of use.  The Bum Genius 5 diapers have apparently improved the elastics but not so much that I can notice a bit difference.  

It is true, this Happy Endings diaper has only been used for a little over a month, however the structure of the elastics, as well as the added gussets seem to be superior to the BG.

This diaper, and other Happy Endings diapers, have 3x3 adjustable rise snaps + hip snaps.  I love that the snaps cross over at the tabs (BG and many other brands do not cross over).  This is a big plus for our family! Often smaller babies need cross over tabs, and my 18 month old still uses this function. The snaps on this diaper function as my other diaper brands, and so far I have not had any splitting.

This diaper is perfect for night time or day time.  You can use only the sewn in insert or add the additional insert.  I have not had any blowouts or leaking.  The stitching and overall construction of this diaper is nice and the price is reasonable at just under $15.  Sadly, more diapers are getting into the $20+ range, without necessarily being a better diaper.  I recommend this brand and really like the night time version of this diaper.

*I did purchase this diaper from the company at a discount, and this is my honest experience and review.  Please know that with cloth diapers, you may need to try a few different brands before finding the type or brand that works best for you and your baby.

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