Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Pink Pumpkin (Vanilla Pumpkin flavor) K-cup Coffee Review and Giveaway (Brooklyn Bean Roastery)

I was given the opportunity to try another fantastic coffee roast from one of our favorite coffee companies, Brooklyn Bean Roastery.  With the arrival of Fall, it is all about the crunchy sound of brightly colored leaves, your favorite cable knit sweater, a nice pair of leather boots and a warm drink of something delicious.  Today I am reviewing the flavor, Pink Pumpkin which is from the Fall Limited Edition Collection.  It is not truly pink, but gets its name from honoring October's breast cancer awareness month, and a portion of the proceeds from the sales of Pink Pumpkin brew will go towards this cause.  It is a cause I am passionate about and I am thrilled to share in the awareness, and so happy that this company holds this cause dear to their hearts as well.

Imagine a hot from the oven, slice of pumpkin pie.  The aroma, the sweet and spicy notes, paired with sweet vanilla cream envelops your senses and delights your tongue.  All these flavors are now readily available to you in a hot mug of pumpkin flavored coffee.  To baking required.  Brooklyn Beans have a 40 ct. box of this deliciousness in cup form.  You can have one every day of the month if you like, with a few left over for a second brewed cup. :)

My husband is the big coffee drinker in our home.  I like coffee, but he REALLY loves it.  He will drink it on a hot summer day in 90+ degree weather (piping hot, and not usually iced).  It helps keep him alert in the mornings, or when driving long distances in the evenings, as well as acts as the perfect ending to a big meal.  He enjoys this vanilla pumpkin flavor, however says it is not one he would want all the time (due to the spicy uniqueness of it), but he likes having it as a seasonal flavor.  He drinks 1-2 of these cups per day with some real whipped cream and a touch of sugar.  It really smells fantastic and makes our kitchen so cozy.  He likes to drink other flavors as well throughout the week so he does not quickly tire of it.  His favorite brews of coffee are mainly breakfast blends or medium roasts with some cream and light on the sugar.  He also likes a plain vanilla, hazelnut or mocha.

I was sent this Pumpkin Vanilla coffee k-cup box for review and my husband finds it quite enjoyable.   I like the packaging of the box and the ease of storage.  How do you like your coffee? What is your flavor?

The kind folks at Brooklyn Bean Roastery have offered one lucky reader a box of 40 cups of Pink Pumpkin.

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  1. I love coffee! I'm one of those people that will drink a hot cup on a 90+ day too. :-) Vanilla & pumpkin are my 2 favorite flavors.

    1. PERFECT! Sounds like this is a match made for you, as you are the WINNER! I contacted you on Facebook for details.

  2. I drink my coffee either black or with some flavored creamer in it. And Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

  3. I love vanilla and pumpkin. This sounds lovely.

  4. I like just a little bit of cream in it

  5. I like iced coffee with a little flavoring and milk.

  6. My favorite fall drink is warm apple cider. My favorite winter drink is any hot tea.

  7. My favorite coffee is cold; whether blended frappe or iced latte.