Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lil Leona Baby Shampoo and Body Wash Review

I love finding new sulfate free shampoo, soap and body wash.  This past month I was sent a bottle of baby shampoo and wash that I personally have been using on my own hair and body with success.  It smells amazing and does not remind me of the typical baby shampoo fragrances.  It smells delicately feminine and clean.  It is called Lil Leona Baby Shampoo and Body Wash.   This wash claims to be 100% All Natural and is made with some wonderful ingredients.  It happens to have my favorite ingredient in it as well: Calendula Extract. There are No Parabens, No Phosphates, No Sulfates, Gluten-Free, and it's said to be Tear free (luckily we have not had any incidents of soap in the eyes recently, so I cannot completely lay claim to that, but I am hoping that is true.  :)

This shampoo does not weigh down my hair or make it appear dull and sticky.  When I did use sulfates (about 3+ years ago, I had thought that the Baby Magic, and Johnson's Baby shampoos were gentle and would be wonderful for me and baby.  My daughter's hair was fine and thin at the time of using these washes, and so I did not know they were not helping her hair.  I did know that when I used them, my hair was limp, dry, and sticky in appearance.  Reading labels puzzled me as to why so many chemicals were used in a wash intended for the most delicate skin.  It was then that I decided to become sulfate free and lessen the chemicals in my family and home.  

I have been using this shampoo by Lil Leona for almost a month and still have plenty of the 16 oz bottle remaining.  Please note that I only shampoo my hair twice per week (since giving up chemicals and sulfates, my hair is fuller, softer, healthier, and CLEANER.)  I wash less and yet my hair is fresh and clean.  I have been also using this wash on my 18 month old and 4 1/2 year old.  It is a lovely wash and the ingredients are fantastic.  I also love the vintage inspired labeling.  

As mentioned, I was sent this for review (complimentary) in exchange for my honest opinion.  If you know my blog, you know that I love natural, sulfate free, and well made products.  I have reviewed products in the past that do not follow my sulfate free lifestyle and unfortunately the product has received lower marks from me.  I will always tell you my honest experience and feelings about a product.

This wash makes the cut and is actually on my list of items I will actually consider purchasing myself in the future when I am out.  I like how it is cleaning my hair without striping it or adding buildup.  I have not experienced any dryness or itchy scalp.  5 stars!

You can find this on Amazon.  

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